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How to do a Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Home

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to do a Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Home

Did you know that it is possible to eliminate toxins and fat with a simple massage? We are talking about the famous lymphatic drainage massage. This popular technique helps you get rid of toxins and fluids by eliminating them naturally through urine with just a massage! It is very simple to carry out and, although it is recommended that the massage be performed by a specialist, it is possible to do a lymphatic drainage massage at home without any risks.

Here at OneHowTo we'll teach you how to do a lymphatic drainage massage at home. The following instructions are for a self draining session of about 15 minutes. Each step must be performed fifteen times in repetitions of three.

Steps to follow:


Many people use lymphatic drainage massage to reduce cellulite and varicose veins, prevent fluid retention, lose weight, improve the immune system, and get rid of fat deposits or fluids that should not be present in the body. Together with sport and proper nutrition, lymphatic drainage is ideal to get that A+ body you desire.

The lymphatic system

First it is necessary to understand what is the lymphatic system, how it functions and why it is good to drain it. The lymphatic system is a vessel structure that runs parallel to that of blood circulation and works to absorb the liquids we eat or drink.

The aim of the massage is to stimulate this system to have it work better and drain all the toxins and fats that should not be in our body. Among its greatest advantages is that it is relaxing - in fact it also reduces headaches - and leaves the skin and body figure in a much better condition than before - it also helps with acne.

If you want to know more about the benefits of weight loss massages, take a look at our article.


Start off with a neck massage. Place your hands below the ears, one on each side of the neck, and at a slow pace make small circles in a clockwise direction. Remember to do 3 circles in 15 repetitions.

The reason you should start at the neck is because the main chain ganglia are found in the neck and face.

How to do a Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Home - Step 2

Secondly, put your hands on the clavicles - the bony area between the neck and shoulders - trying to fit them into the gaps. Gently press down. Then stretch your fingers toward your ears or upwards, whichever is more comfortable. Can you feel how everything starts flowing better?

Repeat this 15 times before proceeding with the following instructions to continue the lymphatic drainage.


When you notice that neck tension has diminished and you feel very relaxed it is time to move on to the next area. Place your right hand on the left armpit and press gently and slowly inward and upward. In the armpit are the axial lymph nodes, so it is important to perform this step properly to achieve a good lymphatic drainage massage. When you have repeated these pressure applications three times by fifteen, change hand and armpit.

You should start to notice how the body is much more relaxed than when you started. Now put both hands on the solar plexus, under your chest, more or less at the height of your lungs. Breathe deeply and press down when you exhale. Do it three times with fifteen repetitions. With this technique you will relax the diaphragm and calm your anxiety.

How to do a Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Home - Step 4

Now it is time for the crotch. Place each hand on each side at the same time and gently press down on three different locations. Remember the sets of three and fifteen repetitions in each step of lymphatic drainage massage.

Specifically, massaging this area will help us reduce body fat and accumulated toxins from the inner thighs and buttocks. You can further work on an area should you want to treat a specific part of the body.


Finally, to carry out a complete lymphatic drainage you must place your hands behind your knees, where there are six or seven popliteal lymph nodes. These are very important for the circulatory system of our legs. To massage them, put your hands behind your knee precisely in the hole or pit that you will notice. Press, always gently, inwards and then release, also slowly and gently. Repeat the exercise.

Now that you know how to do a lymphatic drainage massage at home, it is just a question of waiting for your urine to do the dirty work!

Remember that you can always work further on the area you most want to target, although you should do so respecting the series and repetitions that we noted at the beginning. Of course, consider getting a professional lymphatic drainage for even better results.

How to do a Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Home - Step 6

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How to do a Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Home