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How to Get rid of Armpit Fat - The Best Exercises and Diet

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: October 12, 2020
How to Get rid of Armpit Fat - The Best Exercises and Diet

Who hasn't ever had a little excess fat in their arms or armpits? This is not bad at all, in fact, most women get armpit fat due to their breasts. However, when you have a bigger amount than what you'd consider normal, it becomes annoying and/or unsightly. This type of fat accumulated under the armpits is usually due to the loss of firmness in your muscles, to obesity or becoming overweight, or due to the fact that you have dropped several pounds in a short time. However, do not be obsessed with it, because there are solutions! And if you do not know about them, do not worry, in this oneHOWTO article we will explain everything you should know about how to get rid of armpit fat effectively.

  1. Armpit fat: what is it and why does it appear?
  2. Effective exercises for armpit fat
  3. Diet to get rid of armpit fat
  4. Geting rid of armpit fat with surgery
  5. How to hide underarm fat for women
  6. How to hide underarm fat for men

Armpit fat: what is it and why does it appear?

Having a little underarm fat is normal and even healthy, especially in women. Nature is wise; The woman's body tends to have some extra fat because at some point she may be a mother and the fetus should be as soft and comfortable as possible. Therefore, fat naturally accumulates in the area around the breasts, and even more so when they are slightly large.

However, poor diet, lack of exercise, alcohol and other bad habits can cause excess fat to be created under the armpits.

But you should know that those lumps under the armpits are not always produced by fat. It may also be due to slightly more alarming reasons for which you should go to the doctor, such as:

  • Polymastia, multiple sinus syndrome or supernumerary breasts: it is a medical condition that also causes an excess of breast tissue.
  • Lipoma: is a cancerous but harmless condition. It can be removed easily and without any problems.
  • Swollen lymph nodes: for some people, it is a chronic condition and, therefore, their lymph nodes will reach a large size.

Of course, the cause of the underarm swelling can also be by a simple loss of firmness in our arms (produced by age or lack of exercise) or by obesity or being overweight.

How to Get rid of Armpit Fat - The Best Exercises and Diet - Armpit fat: what is it and why does it appear?

Effective exercises for armpit fat

There are different types of exercise that can help you eliminate underarm fat. The most effective are as follows:

  • Arm elevations with weights. Grab two weights, one in each hand, tilt your trunk forward and raise and lower your arms at your sides. With this exercise, you will burn fat from your arms, armpits and chest.
  • Push-ups. Doing push-ups will help strengthen the muscles of the arms, armpits, breasts and shoulders, thus getting rid of the rolls under your armpits without weights. If you need more ideas, take a look at how to do arm exercises without weights.
  • Exercises with dumbbells for armpit fat. Take a pair of dumbbells and do four sets of 10 repetitions per day. You can vary and choose how you lift your weight with your arms. You will see the results in a very short time.
  • Walk on your hands on side plank. Lie down on your back without touching the ground, leaning on your hands and toes. Shift on your side by opening and closing your legs and crossing your arms. This exercise is ideal to burn fat in the arms, underarms and toning your abdomen, limbs and back muscles.
How to Get rid of Armpit Fat - The Best Exercises and Diet - Effective exercises for armpit fat

Diet to get rid of armpit fat

Some foods and drinks are ideal to help you get rid of general fat in your body, and thus the underarm or armpit too. Here are the details:

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

  • Cinnamon: Various studies conducted by "Archieves of Internal Medicine" have revealed that 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon tea per day accelerates metabolism about 20 times more than other products, in addition to decreasing blood glucose levels And reduces appetite.
  • Pepper or chile: According to the National Library of Medicine, pepper or chile, red pepper and cayenne contain more amounts of vitamin C (essential for slimming) than oranges and lemons, and also accelerate metabolism, which makes the fat burning process work more quickly.
  • Grapes and raisins: they are authentic diuretics. Frequently consuming grapes will help you not only lose weight but also detoxify and cleanse your body.
  • Green coffee extract: According to researchers at the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania), this type of coffee has a substance that prevents the body from absorbing all the calories it receives from the carbohydrates and fats we eat.

Drinks That Help You Lose Weight

  • Vegetable juice: it is very simple and will leave you filled for hours, helping you to eat less.
  • White Tea: This tea has great cleansing effects, which helps the body remove the gel from the armpits.
  • Ginger tea helps to naturally eliminate the fats in our body.
  • Skim milk: A glass of skim milk a day has the ideal properties to eliminate fat.
  • Grapefruit Juice: As with skim milk, drinking a glass of juice for several days in a row, we will get rid of the fat and see results in no time.
  • Papaya juice: not so much to lose weight, but to avoid gaining more weight. Papaya has papain, an enzyme that prevents fat from building up in the body.
  • Jamaican water: a potentially diuretic drink, which is perfect for weight loss. Just boil some flowers in water and drink the concoction throughout the day.
How to Get rid of Armpit Fat - The Best Exercises and Diet - Diet to get rid of armpit fat

Geting rid of armpit fat with surgery

This is usually the option to go for when neither diet nor exercise have worked. There are two types of surgery: liposuction and lipolaser.

  • Liposuction of the armpits is done under local anesthesia, since it is considered a miniliposuction or a minimally invasive aesthetic retouching. Generally, patients can resume their daily activities the next day, as recovery is immediate. The price of underarm liposuction will depend on the clinic where you have the opperation, but it can be between 1,000 and 4,000 € ($1200 - $5000).
  • Lipolaser: laser in the armpits has the advantage that it allows to burn the fats in a single session. And the best thing is that, in addition to getting rid of localized fat, lipolaser techniques reduce the skin to adapt it to the new shape of your body.

How to hide underarm fat for women

We know that not everyone can afford to go under the knife and that many do not even have time to exercise, so at oneHOWTO we'll give you some tricks to hide underarm fat:

  • The key is in the bra. If we use a small cup for our chest, it will come out slightly and, therefore, the armpit folds will be more pronounced. Using a slightly larger cup will help us to disguise the rolls from under the armpits.
  • It is also essential to wear wide shirts, those that are not cramped in the area of the armpits and chest. Thus, those annoying armpit folds will hardly be seen.
How to Get rid of Armpit Fat - The Best Exercises and Diet - How to hide underarm fat for women

How to hide underarm fat for men

Calm down, men, we have thought of you too. Since we leave you three tips to hide the fat from under the armpits:

  • Just like with women, wearing a wide shirt (ideally one or two sizes larger than yours) can help conceal those lumps under the armpits.
  • If you have pronounced armpit fat, avoid wearing tank tops in summer.
  • Also, in very extreme cases, you can wrap your chest with bandages, tucking the fat rolls well under the armpits, to flatten and hide that area as much as possible.

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How to Get rid of Armpit Fat - The Best Exercises and Diet