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Hairstyles to Hide Large Ears

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Hairstyles to Hide Large Ears

Do you dislike your ears because they are too big? In the following article on OneHowTo we bring you the best tricks to hide your ears with your hair so you can feel good and confident. Not everyone has small ears and sometimes, depending on how you place the hair you may make your ears look far bigger than they are already. Therefore, in this OneHowTo article we show you the best hairstyles to cover big ears. Now you can feel always beautiful, disguising what you do not like.

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  1. Hide those large ears: loose hair
  2. Hide large ears: tied up
  3. Hide your large ears: more tricks

Hide those large ears: loose hair

While you can always better disguise ears with loose hair, if you do not use the right techniques for this, you may end up making your ears even more prominent. We propose you add volume to your hair so it will not look completely flat and empty of life. If you have big pointy ears, they may appear between the hairs, especially if you have very little hair, which is not a good look at all.

Distribute your hair above the ears equally and make sure your bangs are also incorporated into this style. Avoid placing hair behind your ears and don?t use hairpins or clips that let others see your ears.

Another good tip to help you hide prominent ears is opt for a fringe. Perhaps it is time to renew your look, so commit yourself to a long fringe which helps you out by disguising your ear problems perfectly. With a few strands over your ears you'll be fabulous.

Hairstyles to Hide Large Ears - Hide those large ears: loose hair

Hide large ears: tied up

You never tie up your locks of hair for fear that your prominent ears will flop out? You won't need to do this anymore. Although you're self-conscious, you should know that there are many hairstyles that you will disguise your large ears.

First, forget about all those hairstyles or combed back from the eighties. With this type of hairstyle you just make the ears look much more bigger. On OneHowTo we propose low chignons, but always with loose strands over his ears to disguise them.

The same advice applies to ponytails. Let some hair escape and fall down on both sides of the face. Also, if you pass them through the iron tongs and you add nice waves, you will improve the result.

Hairstyles to Hide Large Ears - Hide large ears: tied up

Hide your large ears: more tricks

If you see that you just don't get the effect you want, we suggest you use accessories and other tricks. Long bangs and unkempt hair are a great choice to help you hide your ears especially if you comb sideways. Also, bangs that fall on both sides of the ears being a little longer in this area will also be helpful.

Use hair accessories such as headbands or ribbons. Of course, instead of using them to remove hair from your face, push the hair forwards. In addition to a fresh, casual and very trendy look, you get to hide your ears.

On the other hand, there are some stickers that are perfect for bonding the ears to the head and prevent them from flapping out, so you will look gorgeous again. Of course, keep in mind that you cannot wear such things all the time, but it could be very useful to attend a special event like a wedding or a party, where you should make sure your appearance is wonderful and dazzling.

Hairstyles to Hide Large Ears - Hide your large ears: more tricks

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Hairstyles to Hide Large Ears