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Hairstyles to Hide Big Noses

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
Hairstyles to Hide Big Noses

Whenever the topic of big nose comes up, the character of Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) from the famous TV soap FRIENDS immediately pops in our mind. Her nose in high school was simply huge and Chandler once described it as ‘That’s what they used to cover Connecticut’. Later she got a normal nose through surgery. For those people who are still saving for the nose job, you can minimize the effect of big nose by changing your hairstyle. Keep reading this OneHowTo article to know about the hairstyles to hide big noses.

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  1. Hair length
  2. Layered haircut
  3. Bangs
  4. Waves and Curls
  5. Side Part
  6. Never draw the hair backward

Hair length

Before deciding the hairstyle which looks best on people who have a big nose, let’s find out what should be the length of hair. For people with a big nose the most unflattering look will be in short hair styles. So, the pixie cut or bob cut should be avoided. They look best in hairstyles for long or medium length hair.

Layered haircut

Layers add softness to your facial features. It creates visual distraction, that’s why people looking at you would look at your beautiful face as a whole instead of concentrating on the nose.

Hairstyles to Hide Big Noses - Layered haircut


Bangs are popular at all times. Bangs looks good on people with a big nose too. But make sure that your fringes are not blunt and sharp covering the eyes and forehead. Such bangs will make people focus on your nose. Also, make sure that the bangs are not too short. People with big nose should opt for side swept bangs and soft, wispy bangs.

Hairstyles to Hide Big Noses - Bangs

Waves and Curls

Soft curls or waves create a pleasant addition on a face by creating volumes which balances out the nose. Curls and waves distract people’s attention from the big nose. Hairstyle which sports sleek and smooth hair focuses attention on the middle of the face. So, people with big nose should avoid sleek and smooth hairstyles. Waves and curls can be created at home using rollers or hair curling irons.

If you haven't naturally got wavy hair, take a look at our article on how to make waves with a flat iron.

Hairstyles to Hide Big Noses - Waves and Curls

Side Part

Center partings can look unflattering on people with a big nose. They point out to the most prominent feature on your face i.e. the nose. Instead a deep side part swept to one side is ideal on such people. While doing side part never straighten your hair. Always sport some curls or bangs.

Hairstyles to Hide Big Noses - Side Part

Never draw the hair backward

Hairstyles like pony tails or sleek buns are created by drawing all the hair away from the face. Such hairstyles create focus on the facial features. If you want to hide your big nose then never sport such hairstyles.

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Hairstyles to Hide Big Noses