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How to Get Ranbir Kapoor Hairstyle

Priya Panwar
By Priya Panwar. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Get Ranbir Kapoor Hairstyle
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Ranbir Kapoor has short, voluminous hair, and a short beard. To achieve his hairstyle cut your hair shorter on the sides and longer on the upper part. Dry your hair on high heat keeping the hair-dryer straight in front of you so that you can make the upper part of your hair stay upright. Style with a matte hair foam. It is very important not to make your hair look wet, as Ranbir Kapoor's hair looks very natural. Get a short and effortless looking Indian beard.

Ranbir Kapoor is the star of the moment. Everybody loves him, and unsurprisingly, guys try to get Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle. Similarly to girls trying to achieve the look of Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle is very easy to get and maintain. His hair always look natural, and mostly short.

In this Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle tutorial you will learn how to get Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle in Rockstar, how to get Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle in yjhdw, Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle in Tamasha, Ranbir Kapoor new hairstyle in Pepsi ad, and of course, his new look: Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle in adhm. So, stay tuned on oneHOWTO to learn how to get Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle.

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Steps to follow:


Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle tutorial

A few key tips to get Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle: keep hair short and natural, cut hair shorter on sides, have a short casual Indian beard.

In synthesis, Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle is quite effortless looking. The key is being natural and not look very styled or artificial. It is very important, if you want to get Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle, that you style your hair with a hairstyling product that leaves your hair matte looking. Look for a product that says "matte" or "surfer hair", or use a tiny bit of wax or pomade to make your hair stay upright, like Ranbir Kapoor's.


Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle name

While Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle does not have a specific name, we would call it a "trendy take on a classic Indian hairstyle with a classic Indian beard". Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle is in fact quite classic, yet he manages to look trendy!

Let's now see how to get Ranbir Kapoor's different hairstyles.


How to get Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle in Rockstar

Leave your hair long and messy. Dry it naturally without an hair-dryer. Part your hair on one side. Style your hair with a matte hairstyling product enhancing the hair's natural waves. Grow you beard about 1 cm long.

Ranbir Kapoor's hairstyle in Rockstar is an exception to his classic look. In fact, for this movie he opts for a rock, bad boy, messy look with long hair. Of course this look works better if you have neck length hair and natural waves.

How to Get Ranbir Kapoor Hairstyle - Step 3
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How to Get Ranbir Kapoor Hairstyle in yjhd

Cut your hair about 1 cm long on the sides and increasingly longer as you reach the upper part. Hair on the whole upper part of your head should be quite long, about 4 or 5 cm. Part your hair in a deep side parting. Give lots of volume to your hair and less volume as you reach the sides of your head. Use a dry looking hairstyle product.

The key to the Ranbir Kapoor Hairstyle in yjhd (Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani) is volume. It works best if you have lots of hair. However, a tip to create more volume is parting your hair on the opposite side from what you usually do.

How to Get Ranbir Kapoor Hairstyle - Step 4
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Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle in Tamasha

Shave your hair, about 5 mm long on the sides, from the front until the back of your ears. Cut the back part of your hair about 1 cm long, and longer as you rich the upper part. The upper part should be long, about 5 or 6 cm.the hair should be straight and down on the sides, and voluminous and upright on the upper part. The direction of the hair should go backwards. The beard is short, about 5 mm on the sides, until reaching mouth level, and then increasingly long, almost 1 cm on the front and moustache area.

In a Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle tutorial we couldn't miss Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle in Tamasha. He looks so cool in this spiky style! The key to this style is achieving the right lengths and layering the hair nicely.

How to Get Ranbir Kapoor Hairstyle - Step 5
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Ranbir Kapoor new hairstyle in Pepsi ad

In the new Pepsi ad, Ranbir Kapoor has his usual look: hair shorter on the sides, layered, and then longer, slightly spiky and very voluminous on the upper part. He has a very short Indian beard. Again, his hair looks matte, not wet at all.


Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle new: Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle in adhm

Cut hair shorter, but not very short, on sides. Layer your hair until reaching a 3-4 cm length on the upper part. Part your hair deeply on the side. Give your hair lots of volume on the upper part, the hair goes up and towards the parting side. The beard is not too short and is effortless looking

If you are wondering how to get Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle, we are sure you like his look in his latest movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. This is just classic Ranbir Kapoor: natural and clean hairstyle.

Now you know all about how to get Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle, and it is so easy and natural looking you can try it anytime.

How to Get Ranbir Kapoor Hairstyle - Step 7
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How to Get Ranbir Kapoor Hairstyle