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Accessories to Wear with One-Shoulder Dresses

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Accessories to Wear with One-Shoulder Dresses

One shoulder dresses are here to stay. They are really stylish and make women look beautiful and sensual by showing a little more skin than a traditional strappy dress. You can wear them for important events, evening parties and even for a casual look on sunny summer days - it all depends on the type of dress you choose. Before you show one off, you need to know how to match it with accessories for a perfect style that won't disappoint. Check out the tips in this OneHowTo article for which accessories to wear with one-shoulder dresses.

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  1. Shoes
  2. Handbags
  3. Belts
  4. Jewellery


One shoulder dresses are garments that bring elegance and glamour to any woman who dares to wear them. You should wear them with attractive high heels that stylise your figure and make your legs appear longer. Here are some suggestions:

  • Classic heels are a safe option combined with almost any style of dress. They are also very comfortable shoes. Wear them with short asymmetrical dresses as they're not very flattering when worn with longer styles. Similarly, sling back heels give a more sensual touch to your look.
  • Peep toes are shoes that show your toes and have become a classic thanks to their comfort and sophisticated design. These are ideal for combining with one shoulder dresses and, if you choose a model with a platform at the front, you'll set a trend wherever you go.
  • Whether you choose a long, short or cocktail dress, some lovely heeled sandals are the best bet for completing your look so you really stand out. Your feet will thank you in the summer and you'll be able to put up with the heat without a problem.
Accessories to Wear with One-Shoulder Dresses - Shoes


An elegant bag that matches your shoes well is another essential accessory for completing your look and complementing an asymmetrical dress. In order to show off your exposed shoulder, choose bags that are not too large and choose your bag appropriate for the occasion. For example, handbags are more appropriate for formal events, whilst you can choose envelope style shoulder bags for day-to-day looks which are really fashionable and look great.

If don't want to carry your bag all the time in your hands you can hang your bag from the shoulder. Just make sure you hang it from the shoulder that has the stripe, otherwise it would ruin the look. Your shoulder needs to be exposed so the dress will look better.

Accessories to Wear with One-Shoulder Dresses - Handbags


Generally, one shoulder dresses don't tend to need belts but certain designs look better if you include an appropriate belt. Asymmetrical dresses with volume and pleats or those that simulate two pieces (blouse and skirt) show off the figure more if they are complemented with a belt. Don't choose one that is too wide so you avoid overloading the outfit. Thin belts with gemstones or shiny rhinestones are preferable with long gowns or for evening events.

Accessories to Wear with One-Shoulder Dresses - Belts


Accentuating clothing with big jewellery is something that has become fashionable, but you should always be careful that you do not overshadow your dress with too many trinkets. Asymmetrical dresses combine well with large earrings, bracelets and arm cuffs on the exposed arm. However, leave aside your attention-grabbing maxi necklaces as these hide the strongest element of this dress: its asymmetry. Remember that subtlety gives the most elegant look and some dresses look better with just a few accessories.

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Accessories to Wear with One-Shoulder Dresses