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Women's Hairstyles to Cover Bald Spots

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Women's Hairstyles to Cover Bald Spots

Hair loss or baldness is a process that tends to occur in men, but it can also happen to women. If it's happening to you, do not be alarmed, but first things first: go to a specialist to see if there is adequate treatment for your hair. Whether you are undergoing treatment or not, you can try these women's hairstyles to cover bald spots in this OneHowTo article. These tricks work for women of all ages and can hide those areas where a lack of hair is apparent. Are you ready?

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Steps to follow:

The hair that's gone cannot be put back, but you can still style your hair so it looks like you have volume. If your problem is that you have very fine hair, then a short hairstyle is the best choice for you. Why? Because fine hairs tend to fall flat, especially when the length weighs it down. Moreover, a short hairstyle frees the scalp from the weight of long hair, thereby avoiding excessive hair loss.

The secret is to create layers in the hair, with longer layers on top to cover those areas with less hair. The other layers should be shorter so they aren't weighed down.

Women's Hairstyles to Cover Bald Spots - Step 1

Another hairstyle to cover bald spots is called the bob cut. It has become very popular and it's great for hiding baldness. In this case, it is also essential to create layers to give the illusion of more thickness and amount of hair. If you opt for this hairstyle, you should know that it is not necessary to use many cosmetic products such as hair serum, because the hair falls in a way that covers any balding areas.

Above all, keep in mind that chemicals used on your hair are harmful and, therefore, can make more hair fall out. You can wear this hairstyle at the height you want: chin height, a little higher or a little lower.

Women's Hairstyles to Cover Bald Spots - Step 2

If short hair is not your style, you can opt for a wavy or curly bob. Here, the secret is to give your hair different textures to cover up the hair loss. In other words, you have to combine straight strands of hair with a majority of curly or wavy strands. If you visualize it, you can see how this simple technique will give you spectacular results in terms of thickness and volume.

Women's Hairstyles to Cover Bald Spots - Step 3

Another valuable tip for hiding female baldness is backcombing, especially at the crown. What does it entail? It's simple: take the underside of your hair from the upper roots (i.e. at the end of where you part your hair) and comb it all up. This is a good option if you have baldness on your crown, since it covers this entire area.

Women's Hairstyles to Cover Bald Spots - Step 4

Simple and cheap accessories like hair ties, clips and headbands can do wonders. With these accessories, you can put a few strands of hair anywhere to cover any bald areas on your head. Wherever the bald spot may be, this trick is infallible.

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Please show examples of real women and their solutions. There is real women that have hair loss where they have to use hairspray to keep hair from separating. Sometimes when a pic is taken of them even though they may have hair on top of their head you can see the scalp. The pics you show are of women with thick hair. I don't think you understand hair loss. Some of us survived cancer but still deal with the after effects of chemo. We need real ideas. I was not able to rate this article, it did not give me the option. It would have been a 1 or 2.
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Women's Hairstyles to Cover Bald Spots