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Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Round Face

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: November 12, 2020
Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Round Face

Once the engagement season is over, the next business order is to choose the right looks for your wedding. Now that you are finished with your wedding dress shopping, the next thing you have to decide upon is the hairstyle you will wear on your big day. A bridal hairstyle is always hard to pick, and if you have a round face shape, you have to keep the contours of your face in mind. Are you still searching for that perfect hairdo for your wedding day? Get inspired with these gorgeous Indian bridal hairstyles for round face that will leave you styled to impress.

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  1. The simple back bun
  2. Braided bridal hairstyle
  3. Bouffant bun with curls
  4. Full head braids
  5. A beehive chignon

The simple back bun

Round is a common face shape, and the main struggle is to minimize your face’s horizontal breadth. You can successfully diminish your face’s roundness by sporting a hairstyle that makes your face look longer or oval shaped. A simple back bun hairstyle suits every bride with a round face. Do your parting at the side so you minimize the roundness of the face.

You may adorn your bun with hair accessories that make it a little renounced. In addition, beautify it with a studded maang tikka, and other matching accessories. Place your veil in proper position and fix it with pins.

Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Round Face - The simple back bun

Braided bridal hairstyle

A braid looks beautiful on an Indian bride with round face. It is a hairdo that is long in itself, and goes well with a round face shape. You may adorn a braided hairstyle with a beehive back look. Use flower accessories to complete your Indian bridal look. Some kundan jewelry and maang tikka may be used to give a distinct look to your ensemble.

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Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Round Face - Braided bridal hairstyle

Bouffant bun with curls

This one is another hairstyle that goes great with a round face shape. A beehive updo or bouffant updo will make your face look a little elongated. This is a great tip to diminish the roundness of your face shape. A back bun with vintage curls will look elegant, and will be a perfect hairdo for your Indian bridal ensemble.

Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Round Face - Bouffant bun with curls

Full head braids

This is a latest form of Indian bridal hairstyle that you may try. If you have a round shaped face, then this hairdo will be suitable for you. Try braids from all sides, intertwine them, and let them run from one side to the other. You may make your braids with fake hair too. You may also buy fake braids from the market, which can be a feasible option for girls with medium length hair. Instead of making these braids with your original hair, you may pin these fake braids on your head and look elegant.

A beehive chignon

A chignon is very popular these days. A vintage style beehive chignon can look amazingly is one of the best Indian bridal hairstyles for round faces. You may try this hairstyle with a little tease at the crown and the nape. Run one section of your hair like a head band from one side to the other. With this, the hairstyle will look distinct and broader. You may adorn your hairdo with some pearl end pins and nice flower accessories.

Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Round Face - A beehive chignon

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Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Round Face