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The Best Hairstyles for a Job Interview

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Best Hairstyles for a Job Interview

Going to a job interview requires care and planning, especially as far as appearance is concerned. One of the issues that causes the largest number of headaches is our hair and, specifically, how to style it for such an important activity. Therefore, from OneHowTo.com we explain the best hairstyles for a job interview so you do not have to worry about the image that you convey to your interviewer.

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  1. Prior Care
  2. Bun
  3. Ponytail
  4. Half up half down hairstyles
  5. Loose
  6. Tips for curly hair
  7. Tips for short hair

Prior Care

A suitable hairstyle will always make a good impression. However, to achieve this, you need to have previously looked after your hair properly, often going to the hairdresser. You should also prepare it for the job interview, so there are no mix-ups regarding its length, color or shape.


One of the most frequent options for a job interview is to have your hair tied in a bun. This choice is very successful, as having your hair this way transmits an image of someone reliable and professional.

There are numerous buns that you can use for a job interview. However, the most suitable ones are those where the hair is tied up at the back of the head. With this hairstyle you will convey seriousness while remaining completely comfortable throughout the conversation.

The Best Hairstyles for a Job Interview - Bun


As with having your hair in a bun, using a ponytail is also an excellent choice when going to a job interview. This is because it is a neutral hairstyle, so you'll avoid touching your hair, a habit that often occurs due to nerves. Give it a personal touch by wrapping a strand around the base of the ponytail as if it were a scrunchy or tie a piece of ribbon to match your outfit.

For sophisticated ponytail ideas, take a look at our article on cute ponytail hairstyles.

The Best Hairstyles for a Job Interview - Ponytail

Half up half down hairstyles

Another interesting option is a half bun hairstyle, so the front of the hair is fixed but the rest of your hair is loose. One of the the advantages of this hairstyle is its ability to lengthen your profile, as your neck is quite exposed.

To choose the right one, it is best to use accessories like hairpins and other adornments, which in many cases are virtually invisible and will help to hold your hair in place during the job interview.

Like in the picture, you can create braids for this half up half down look, though this is an appropriate look for creative job interviews where the company is looking for someone with a strong personality.

The Best Hairstyles for a Job Interview - Half up half down hairstyles


As a last resort we recommend loose hair. This look is very useful for women who have short hair, as it gives them an air of freshness and dynamism, which is also necessary for any job.

If you have long hair, having your hair loose is not forbidden in a job interview. It is enough for you to concentrate on the conversation and make your hair as well looked after and shiny as possible.

Tips for curly hair

Finally, we can't miss out our readers with curly hair. For you, depending on your frame of mind, you might decide to go to a job interview with a low bun and maybe even leave a loose curl at the front. The result is very interesting and will allow you to do the interview without problems.

The Best Hairstyles for a Job Interview - Tips for curly hair

Tips for short hair

If you have short hair you may be wondering what the ideal hairstyle is for you. Keep your hair down and simple, don't go for anything too edgy. If you also have curly hair, make sure you use hair gel or foam in order to tame it.

The Best Hairstyles for a Job Interview - Tips for short hair

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The Best Hairstyles for a Job Interview