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Why Do I Keep Getting Pimples in the Same Spot?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 17, 2024
Why Do I Keep Getting Pimples in the Same Spot?

While we often associate them with teenage years, pimples can appear at any age. They don't always appear with the same frequency or size, and they can develop on different parts of our body. However, we might notice there are some areas of skin, particularly on our face, where pimples keep reappearing. Even though we have a regular skin care regimen and we use quality products, we wonder why spots keep appearing in the same place.

At oneHOWTO, we ask why do I keep getting pimples in the same spot? We look at the causes of pimples reoccurring in the same area and find out how we can prevent this from happening again. If you have the same problem, please share your remedies in the comments at the end of the article.

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  1. Cystic pimples
  2. Inappropriate skincare routines
  3. Touching our face too much
  4. Popping pimples
  5. Hormonal changes

Cystic pimples

Cystic pimples are more difficult to remove than normal pimples. These types of pimples are identified by being subcutaneous. They become swollen, but without reaching a critical point of turning into a whitehead. They are red and swollen, but since we can't pop them, they can last for a long time.

Cystic spots are permanent pimples. This means they always appear in the same area no matter how much you try to remove them. They are tube-shaped and branched, with the oil from the pore being diverted to the surface of the skin.

Why do cystic pimples break out in the same place?

The oil from this type of pimple creates a kind of balloon under the skin known as the cyst capsule. This increases or decreases in size depending on the amount of oil produced. These are spots which do not disappear completely. When you see them on your skin, do not remove them manually as it will lead to pimple scars. Speak to your GP or dermatologist who will likely prescribe an antibiotic, contraceptive pill or spironolactone, depending on the cause of their appearance.

When the spot is a regular pimple, you should treat it with your normal spot cleanser. There are a number of very effective cleansers, so look to remedies for blemishes instead of acne. They should contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Inappropriate skincare routines

Although we might use quality products, everybody's skin is different. Not only do we need the right skincare products, but we need to use them in the correct way for our individual skincare needs. Since we use the same routine daily, we will touch the same places and use the same products on them.

If we are using products which are too harsh or inappropriate for our skin, we can promote pimples. For example, if we have oily skin on our cheeks and always rub the wrong product on them, it can promote pimples in the same spot. The same can happen if we use exfoliators or simply rub too hard on sensitive skin.

Touching our face too much

Another problem is often an involuntary one. Whether it is simply a habit or as a response to stress, we might too often touch our face in a certain way. For example, when we are stressed we might hold our hand against our forehead. When we are interested, we may rub our chin while we listen to others.

In these cases, since pimples occur due to the clogging of pores, we may be transferring dirt via out hands into specific areas. The simple action of rubbing an area of skin can also promote pimples, even if we have clean hands. This is because it helps encourage the secretion of sebum. Try to be more conscious of where we place our hand on a day-to-day basis and work on stopping touching our face unnecessarily.

Popping pimples

Do you squeeze spots when they appear? Do you notice they keep reoccurring in the same place? This is often the case when we see spots appear at the side of the nose, on the chin or on the forehead. Sometimes they may seem ready to pop, but they turn out to be quite difficult. When this happens, the pimple usually becomes red and you may even see some blood appear underneath.

Bacteria from our fingers and sebum from nearby pores is pushed into the are of the pimple we try to pop. This means the bacteria collects in this area and spots reappear.

Although it is difficult to do so, when a spot appears, the best thing to do is leave it alone. If you pop it, it might be fine, but you also run the risk of scarring and encouraging pimples to appear in the same area. If you do want to do something, a better idea is to use a cleaning product which contains salicylic acid.

Hormonal changes

No matter how many treatments and creams you apply, the pimples that appear due to hormonal acne are very difficult to predict. Women are affected by them the most, since menstruation generates an activation of the androgens produced in the sebaceous glands. In addition, it always takes place in the same areas of the body: the chin, the lower cheeks, the neck or the jaw.

Instead of continually popping pimples from hormonal acne, control your urges to prevent scars and blemishes on your skin. If you don't, it is most likely they will become infected. The best solution is to treat hormonal imbalances from within the body.

See a medical specialist to find the best hormonal acne treatment. Dermatologists use spironolactone frequently for these cases. It is an androgen blocker, used both with and without birth control. Spironolactone helps to counteract the different breakouts caused by hormonal acne.

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Why Do I Keep Getting Pimples in the Same Spot?