What To Drink To Lose Belly Fat Overnight

By Ameera Mills. Updated: April 9, 2020
What To Drink To Lose Belly Fat Overnight

Did you know that you can burn fat while you sleep? It’s true! There are some fruits and vegetables that, when digested in our body, create a series of chemical processes that contribute to the loss of accumulated fat, as well as the elimination of toxins. Therefore, if you include these ingredients into your dinner, you can push your body to work while you rest.

But, what are these homemade drinks to lose belly fat? We’re about to tell you! For more about what to drink to lose weight overnight, keep reading here at OneHOWTO. Remember that for these natural juices to take effect you MUST follow a healthy diet as well as an active lifestyle. Ready to start a healthier lifestyle with our list of weight loss drinks at home? Let’s go!

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What to drink to lose weight overnight

If you want to lose weight, we recommend opting for a lighter meal at dinner. But why? This is because at the end of the day our bodies prepare themselves for rest, causing the metabolism to slow down. In addition, after dinner we are less likely to do as much fat-burning exercise as during the day. Therefore, we recommend measuring and controlling your food intake at night time, avoiding saturated fats and carbohydrates, which are high in energy and calories.

It’s also for these above mentioned reasons that we recommend opting for fat-burning juices at night. The juices are made mainly of fruits and vegetables, two ingredients which are low in calories and very nutritious. In addition, thanks to the rich supply of fiber and water that fruits and vegetables offer, these juices will satisfy your appetite while, at the same time, helping you eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. The idea is to NEVER starve yourself, but to rather opt for a healthier night-time food option.

Additionally, the properties within these fruits and vegetables promote a fat burning effect that should take place while you digest food, that is, after dinner and while asleep. However, for these juices to really take effect, it is essential that you are healthy throughout the day, exercising well and eating healthily. Here are some of our top tips for how to lose weight healthily:

  • Bet on a healthy diet: low in saturated fats. This diet should include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in order to satisfy your appetite in a nutritious way.
  • Divide your meals into 5 small meals a day: this way you will help your body stay constant when burning and working, helping to accelerate your metabolism.
  • Exercise: regular exercise is key in accelerating the burning of accumulated fat. In addition, exercising well will help you enjoy a much stronger and healthier cardiovascular system.
  • Drink 2 liters of water per day: the intake of liquids is essential to enjoy a healthy body and eliminate fluid retention. Try to drink 8 glasses a day or, which is the same, 2 liters.

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Homemade weight loss drinks recipes: Cucumber and lemon

So, what is the best thing to drink to lose weight? Both cucumbers and lemons have very little calories, contain plenty of water and are satiating. This makes these ingredients ideals for losing weight at night. Take a look at how to make a cucumber and lemon fat-burning drink for weight loss:

You will need:

  • 1 lemon.
  • 1 cucumber.
  • 1 spoonful of grated ginger.
  • A handful of parsley.
  • Half a glass of water.

All you have to do is rinse the fresh ingredients and once clean, blend well in a blender. We recommend drinking this drink before you go to bed so that your body works to assimilate the nutrients while asleep.

What To Drink To Lose Belly Fat Overnight - Homemade weight loss drinks recipes: Cucumber and lemon

What to drink to lose belly fat at night: ginger and lemon

Next on our list of best drinks to lose weight overnight include two prominent ingredients: lemon and ginger. Both of these ingredients are ideal to help purify the body naturally and, in addition, provide antioxidants for detoxifying.

These two ingredients combined help to reduce appetite, improve food digestion and accelerate the metabolism. In addition, lemon is incredibly rich in fiber, which aids in improving intestinal transit and reducing toxins in the body.

We also recommend adding Aloe Vera to this mixture because of its strong weight loss properties.

To make this juice you will need:

  • The juice of 1 lemon.
  • Half a glass of mineral water.
  • 1 tablespoon of ginger.
  • 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera juice.

Then, all you have to do is mix, liquefy the ingredients together and drink before going to bed!

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What to drink before bed to lose weight overnight: apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another great acidic fat-burning drinks which carries a large dosage of Vitamin C, a nutrient ideal to help dilute body fat. Apple cider vinegar is a great weight loss promoter as it helps eliminate fat, is satiating and detoxifies the body.

What do you need?

  • 1/2 cucumber.
  • 1 lemon.
  • A pinch of chopped parsley.
  • 1 spoonful of grated ginger.
  • 1 grapefruit.
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
  • Half a glass of water.

Make sure to clean and peel all of the ingredients and then process them well in a blender. Drink this apple cider drink before you go to bed and make sure you drink a large glass of water when you wake to accelerate the elimination of toxins in the body.

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What To Drink To Lose Belly Fat Overnight - What to drink before bed to lose weight overnight: apple cider vinegar

What to drink to lose fat overnight: grapefruit and apple smoothie

Fruits such as grapefruit and apples are ideal to help lose weight quickly. These fruits provide us with nutrients, fiber and water, which help to satisfy one’s appetite as well as purifying the body and decrease water retention.

To make this juice you will need:

  • The juice of 1 yellow grapefruit.
  • 1 apple.
  • 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger.
  • 5 mint leaves.
  • 1 glass of mineral water.

First, extract the juice from the grapefruit with a juicer. Then, clean and chop the rest of the ingredients and blend altogether. You can even add some ice to make the smoothie fresher.

This smoothie offers the body a large dose of vitamin C which is very satiating. Enjoy this tasty drink before bed and patiently wait for the results!

What To Drink To Lose Belly Fat Overnight - What to drink to lose fat overnight: grapefruit and apple smoothie

What to drink before bed to lose weight overnight: pineapple and spinach

We also recommend taking advantage of spinach and celery properties. Both of these ingredients provide us with many nutrients and are incredibly satisfying. Therefore, they both calm the appetite and help to lose weight without going hungry.

In addition, pineapple is a great fruit for weight loss as it’s rich in fiber and water. In addition, it’s a great diuretic!

To take advantage of these benefits, follow this simple homemade fat burning drink recipe:

  • 1 celery branch.
  • 2 handfuls of spinach.
  • A handful of chopped parsley.
  • 2 slices of natural pineapple.
  • 1/2 glass of water.

Clean and chop these ingredients before liquefying them in your blender. You can add very cold water or ice if you want to cool the drink. Drink this drink every night before bed to notice a reduction in your belly fat!

Weight loss drinks that work fast

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I liked the article and have tried some of the fat loss recipes, they are really potent, very strong. I have type 2 diabetes and wonder if they are right for me? I can feel them at work and get up several times during the night. Are all the recipes good for your kidneys, liver and pancreas?
Hey, Paula. I agree about the potency of these drinks, but they are effective. If I were you, maybe stay away from the drinks that include any fruit in it (or simply take it out of the equation). The last thing you want to do is introduce sugars into your general chosen diet. I really like the first two (but I take out the grapefruit). You'll get benefit for all your organs when you put the right fuel into your body. There will be those that disagree -- and that is fine. At the end of the day, you have to do what is best for your body. I encourage you to really research about food, nutrition, and how it plays a role in how all your organs work together to heal or falter a bad path later on. Don't ever just believe what you read on a site either-- research and verify. I wish you wellness. Good luck.
What To Drink To Lose Belly Fat Overnight
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What To Drink To Lose Belly Fat Overnight

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