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What Is a Silicone Sponge Used for - The Best Makeup Blender

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. August 8, 2017
What Is a Silicone Sponge Used for - The Best Makeup Blender

Nicknamed 'the Silisponge', a silicone sponge is specifically designed for blending your makeup in a unique way. A traditional beauty sponge absorbs some of your foundation first, and then starts working. This leads to wastage of your makeup products to a great extent over time. Beauty experts have found a solution to this problem in a very unusual way. They have invented the silicone sponge which, although called a sponge, does not absorb your cosmetics. In this oneHOWTO article, let’s find out what is a silicone sponge used for, what its benefits and cons are, and how to use it the right way.

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  1. Benefits of using a silicone sponge
  2. Cons of using a silicone sponge
  3. What is a silicone sponge used for: How to use it properly

Benefits of using a silicone sponge

Now that you know that a silicone sponge is used for makeup foundation blending, let's take a look at all the benefits it has that make it better than other foundation application methods.

  • The major benefit of using a silicon sponge is the amount of cosmetics it does ‘not’ waste. It is specifically designed to let your makeup blend without absorbing the product like a traditional beauty sponge. It has a non-porous surface which does not waste your expensive foundation, which means that you end up consuming less and saving more. Your bottle of foundation lasts much longer than before, which leads to saving of your money in the long run
  • An added benefit of using a silicone sponge instead of a traditional beauty sponge is that it helps in blending the makeup better, and achieving a more polished, cleaner and even look. Apart from that, it is easier and quicker to clean as well. When you are done with your makeup, you can clean it with soap and water, rub it well and let it dry. Since it does not absorb any water, you can completely dry it by wiping, and store it in your makeup kit. No more waiting for your beauty sponge to dry, before you can store it
  • You can use a silicon sponge for blending and buffing a wide variety of makeup products, including bronzer, blush and concealer
  • A silicone sponge is easily available in the market, and you can buy it for really cheap
  • A silicone sponge is long-lasting and durable
  • It is safe and hygienic for your skin, even if more than one person is using it for makeup purposes. Because it has a non-porous surface, it does not keep the liquid and cosmetics trapped inside, due to which all bacteria and germs are kept at bay.
  • It is OK to use with any foundations, no matter if they are cream, mousse or powder, from water to oil based, application is as easy in each case, although it works best with light foundations such as BB cream or CC creams.
What Is a Silicone Sponge Used for - The Best Makeup Blender - Benefits of using a silicone sponge

Cons of using a silicone sponge

However, you should know that there are also certain cons to using a silicone sponge, which are comerciallized by several brands such as Molly cosmetics, which are the following:

  • One drawback of using a silicone sponge is that it becomes difficult to blend the makeup, if you accidentally or intentionally apply too much of product on the sponge. But this is actually the major benefit of using the tool. You have to apply too little of the product, due to which you end up using less of cosmetics, and save money over time.
  • Another drawback is that may not fit certain areas of your face, such as little crevices near your eyes. It is, more or less, shaped like a breast implant. It is compact in size, due to which you can easily hold it with your fingers. But it may not reach tiny curves and folds of your face, for which you may feel the need to use your old beauty sponge. In reality, you may find it a little difficult at first, but with practice and experience, you will learn how to fold and mold the silisponge to reach each nook and corner of your face.
  • Application may create streak marks if not blended properly and may make the makeup more visible than it should be.
  • Using a silisponge as a beauty blender for concealing and baking will work but will take long than a regular blender.

What is a silicone sponge used for: How to use it properly

While using silicone sponge, you will not apply the same amount of product that you used to apply on a traditional beauty sponge. You have to apply much less product, and a tiny drop will suffice. Remember, if you use too much of product, you may end up having a cake like look on your skin.

  1. Apply a very little drop of makeup on the sponge and start working outwards using small circles
  2. Once the product has evenly distributed on your skin, add a little drop more if needed and blend, spreading the makeup by dragging the product so it doesn't produce streaks.
  3. While working on hard-to-reach areas like eyes and nose, bend the sponge into half and blend smoothly
  4. Use gentle dabs if certain areas need more blending, or if you want to smoothen any excess product or lines
What Is a Silicone Sponge Used for - The Best Makeup Blender - What is a silicone sponge used for: How to use it properly

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What Is a Silicone Sponge Used for - The Best Makeup Blender