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What Color of Nail Polish Goes With Everything?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 7, 2024
What Color of Nail Polish Goes With Everything?

Choosing the right nail polish color can be a delightful yet challenging task. In the world of fashion and beauty, versatility is key. It's important to choose a nail color that seamlessly complements your entire wardrobe, seamlessly transitioning from casual to formal, and from season to season.

In the following article by oneHOWTO, we've compiled a list of 8 nail colors that go with everything and that are never out of style. From classic shades that never go out of vogue to those unexpected gems that surprise with their adaptability.

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  1. Elegant nude
  2. Classic red
  3. Neutral gray
  4. Deep black
  5. Pure white
  6. Classic navy blue
  7. Taupe
  8. Olive green

Elegant nude

Nude nail polish stands out as the epitome of versatility within the world of nail colors. From the gentle hues to the richer tones, this timeless shade effortlessly complements any attire and suits every skin tone.

Its allure lies in its capacity to elevate the grace of your hands without overshadowing them. Whether you're headed to a corporate meeting or a formal gathering, opting for nude is consistently a smart decision that exudes an air of refinement and uncomplicated elegance.

Classic red

Classic red nail polish is a timeless hue that defies the ebb and flow of fashion trends, maintaining its allure through the ages. This iconic shade, a harmonious blend of passion and sophistication, serves as a versatile accessory that effortlessly complements a myriad of outfits.

Whether you're donning a sharp business suit or slipping into an elegant evening dress, the rich red pigment adds an undeniable touch of glamour and refinement to your overall look.

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What Color of Nail Polish Goes With Everything? - Classic red

Neutral gray

Neutral gray is a choice that effortlessly marries elegance with a hint of minimalism. This understated yet soft tone brings a subtle sophistication to your nails, making it a timeless choice. What sets gray apart is its remarkable versatility, as it can seamlessly integrate with various styles and color palettes.

Whether you're dressing in a sharp professional outfit or opting for a laid-back, casual look, neutral gray serves as a perfect canvas. It stands out without overshadowing the overall ensemble, allowing your individual style to shine. With gray, your look exudes a sense of polish and modernity, coupled with a touch of class that only this timeless hue can deliver.

Deep black

Deep black is a bold and enigmatic choice that effortlessly channels a sense of dark, mysterious elegance. This versatile shade transcends style boundaries, seamlessly complementing an array of fashion choices, from gothic ensembles to elegant outfits.

What sets black apart is its innate ability to infuse drama into your nails, creating a captivating contrast with other colors. It's a shade that demands attention and never fails to make a bold style statement. Whether you're attending a special occasion or simply aiming to stand out from the crowd, deep black is your go-to choice.

Deep black is a reminder that originality and versatility can harmonize beautifully. It serves as a powerful symbol that sophistication and boldness can go hand in hand, all while exuding a sense of intrigue and allure.

What Color of Nail Polish Goes With Everything? - Deep black

Pure white

Pure white is a tone that effortlessly infuses your hands with an aura of freshness and luminosity. Its remarkable versatility allows it to be a timeless choice for every season and occasion. White, in its pristine simplicity, acts as a blank canvas, ready to adapt to any style or outfit, whether it's a relaxed, casual ensemble or a more formal attire.

The beauty of white lies in its ability to offer a sense of timeless elegance while maintaining its adaptability. Choosing white for your nails ensures that your hands consistently exude a look that is fresh, crisp, and effortlessly chic. It's a hue that effortlessly complements and enhances any outfit you choose to wear.

Classic navy blue

Classic navy blue is a shade that embodies the very essence of elegance and versatility. With its deep, rich tones and inherent sophistication, it effortlessly adapts to a wide array of styles and occasions.

Navy blue is a true chameleon in the world of nail colors. Its adaptability knows no bounds, harmonizing beautifully with a spectrum of other hues and perfectly complementing both formal and informal attire. Whether you're gearing up for a crucial work meeting or preparing to attend a relaxed social event, you can trust that navy blue will lend your hands an unmistakable touch of refinement and style.

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What Color of Nail Polish Goes With Everything? - Classic navy blue


Taupe, with its subtle and distinguished allure, is a shade that effortlessly complements a wide spectrum of color palettes. Its neutrality is a versatile canvas that seamlessly transitions between formal and casual situations, making it a choice that's both refined and adaptable.

What sets taupe apart is its innate ability to infuse an understated touch of class into your hands without overpowering the rest of your ensemble. It's a color that enhances your overall look, allowing you to experiment with different styles and colors while maintaining an air of elegance and coherence.

Olive green

Olive green, a tone that subtly reflects the beauty of nature and understated elegance, is a surprisingly versatile choice. It effortlessly complements both neutral outfits and those adorned with eye-catching prints.

This shade brings a touch of freshness and originality to your hands, making it a unique and appealing option for any style. From casual to formal occasions, olive green adds a distinct and rejuvenating element to your overall look. Its understated charm embodies the natural world while blending seamlessly with the world of fashion.

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What Color of Nail Polish Goes With Everything? - Olive green

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What Color of Nail Polish Goes With Everything?