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Trending Fall Nail Colors

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: October 24, 2022
Trending Fall Nail Colors

Hands should always be well cared for. They are a figurehead when you meet someone, have a job interview or just want to look good. When the leaves begin to fall and the temperatures drop, you might be thinking about how to change your wardrobe: summer sandals are replaced by fall boots, cozy sweaters replace tank tops, and jeans replace summer dresses. The seasonal transition from summer to fall also means it's finally time to wear moody fall nail polishes.

In the following oneHOWTO we give you some ideas about the trendiest nail colors for fall.

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  1. Shades of nature
  2. Klein blue
  3. Metallic tones
  4. Milky nails
  5. Green tones
  6. Pearl tones
  7. Pink
  8. Burgundy
  9. Red

Shades of nature

The palette of nail colors this fall goes through all the colors we find in nature. Spending time outdoors has a great impact on this season's color trends. Coffee brown or sunset orange will be the main shades of the trend. This trend is a response to the warmth that chocolate brown and earth tones bring to our manicure. In addition, clay colors and muted yellows are very present in autumn and nature, like the leaves of the trees that begin to fall.

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Trending Fall Nail Colors - Shades of nature

Klein blue

Blue has become one of the colors of the year and will also dominate this fall. Whether it's clothing, accessories or manicures, you'll be on the safe side with deep blue and Klein. It is a sober and elegant color that gives us a sophisticated touch.

Trending Fall Nail Colors - Klein blue

Metallic tones

Add a touch of drama this season with metallic, shimmer and gold tones. Even if you do not choose a metallic shade, you can use the color of your choice and add a metallic top coat. However, there are also nail polishes that combine both the color and the metallic effect, giving a much nicer touch.

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Trending Fall Nail Colors - Metallic tones

Milky nails

This season, milky nails will also have a strong presence, an option beyond French nails and natural nails that is also very flattering and versatile to wear in everyday life. Milky shades (pinkish almost white) give the impression of cleanliness and naturalness. It is a subtle, semi-transparent color that helps keep your nails well-groomed without the need for flashy designs.

Trending Fall Nail Colors - Milky nails

Green tones

Green in all its shades sets the tone for fall. If you are looking for a way to transition from summer to fall, green is the way to go. Bottle-green, lime, olive, khaki, moss, and apple are the headliners of the green revolution. The best thing about green nails? There are just umpteen different shades you can choose from depending on your mood.

If you want a high-contrast manicure, you can also combine them with oranges or purples.

Trending Fall Nail Colors - Green tones

Pearl tones

They are the big novelty of the season and have been christened glazed donut nails. The reason for this is their eye-catching iridescent sheen, reminiscent of icing on cakes as well as the pearly manicures of our mothers and grandmothers. Pearlescent nails are making a comeback in the 90s, just like certain dresses and hairstyles. Pearlescent shades can be found in an array of polishes, from the most opaque to the most transparent.

Trending Fall Nail Colors - Pearl tones


Among all the nail polish colors that will be worn this fall, there is one particular color that stands out from the rest: Pink. Pink in all its shades suits an infinite number of designs of all kinds, from the most elaborate nail art to the most minimalist and simple manicure. Pink is present in countless designs, makeup, highlights and manicures, going for pink is a wise choice. You can choose between the more traditional and timeless 'nude' pink or, if you want to take a chance, consider some pink nail art options.

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Trending Fall Nail Colors - Pink


When it comes to fall, we can not go ignore the great classics like burgundy and maroon, which add a touch of sophistication and elegance to our manicure. If you can not imagine wearing them, you can always pair them with a lighter tone like beige. Beige is a classic choice for combining with burgundy. Beige has brownish-yellow undertones. These go perfectly with the reddish-brown tones in burgundy.

Trending Fall Nail Colors - Burgundy


Reds dominated the fall-winter runway season, reviving the power of this classic. The most popular reds in fall are those with cool undertones, such as wine, scarlet or fall classics like brick red. You can never go wrong with red nails because they enhance any skin tone. Besides, the color of love goes very well with formal or informal outfits.

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Trending Fall Nail Colors - Red

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Trending Fall Nail Colors