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Easy Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 11, 2022
Easy Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners

Nail art is fashionable. With the wide variety of polishes available, girls can enjoy a multitude of cute designs for all types of nails, so you can show them off in a flawless and original way. However it is sometimes difficult to draw accurate drawings, because this art requires patience, thoroughness and a steady hand. So for those people who do not have these qualities or are just starting out doing nail art, this OneHowTo article brings you a series of easy nail art tutorials for beginners.

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  1. White and turquoise design
  2. Sinuous design
  3. Panda Design
  4. Polka dot nail art
  5. Other ideas

White and turquoise design

The first tutorial for easy nail art is a classy white and turquoise design. First, paint your nails evenly with turquoise, and then draw a white X in its epicenter just in the middle of the nail. You should do so with a toothpick. Then keep painting a white equilateral triangle on the upper part and an inverted triangle on the bottom half, meeting in the middle at the previously drawn X. This will leave you with two white triangles above and below and two green ones on the sides. If you haven't got a good pulse, we advise you to use tape to cover the areas that will remain turquoise. While this may look nice, you could also complete the design by drawing two other perpendicular parallel lines on the nail and two that cross, forming a diamond (once the white paint has dried).

Easy Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners - White and turquoise design
Image: naildecor

Sinuous design

First you apply the color coat that you prefer on your nails, and after drying place a paper towel on the table. With various, different colored nail polishes that contrast with the base color, put some of each on the paper. Then dip the tip of a toothpick in one color, draw three wavy lines on the nail from top to bottom, and repeat the process with another color to match. Then carry out this task with the other nails.

Easy Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners - Sinuous design
Image: artxplorez

Panda Design

This design is one of the most fun for your nails! First apply a coat of transluscent nail polish on each nail. Once they are dry, it's time to paint the panda: the first step is to draw a white circle from the middle of the nail to the tip, which will represent the bear's head. After, with black varnish paint two parallel points using a toothpick in the middle of the nail, a few millimeters below where the bear's white head begins.

Next draw two parallel black spots, this time a few millimeters further apart, just on the white line you drew in the middle of the nail, to simulate the ears. With a pink polish paint a teddy nose just below his eyes, inside the eyes draw a white dot to simulate the pupils and inside the ears draw another pink dot. Finally cover your design with a coat of gloss and your ten adorable panda bears will be ready

Easy Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners - Panda Design
Image: trulymadlybeauty

Polka dot nail art

Another of the easiest nail art designs is the polka dot. You will only need to paint your nails in the color of your preference. Make sure it's a light color so the dots stand out even more. Once dry, use a toothpick to paint the dots with nail varnish. Another great idea that will give your nails lots of contrast is to give your nails a layer of colored nail polish and adding white polka dots.

Easy Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners - Polka dot nail art

Other ideas

But this is not all that we offer at, we have many easy nail designs that will help give you a fun and perfect manicure, so we invite you to read our article on how to paint your nails with water at home.

Easy Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners - Other ideas

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Easy Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners