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Trending Winter Nail Colors

Giorgia Fantozzi
By Giorgia Fantozzi. February 2, 2023
Trending Winter Nail Colors

Classic, bold, eye-catching, discreet... when it comes to nail colors, anything is possible. With the arrival of winter, you may think it's time to renew your manicure. Let's adapt them to the colder months so that our nails look beautiful and in line with the latest trends of the year.

We have already seen what colors have been gaining ground in fall. At oneHOWTO, we will give you some ideas about the trending nail colors for winter. This way your nails are the latest styles and have the most current tones. Want to know more? Pay attention to the following article. You will discover the perfect colors for your manicure this winter.

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Nude nails

Nude nail polishes are a classic, ideal for any time of the year, but especially winter. With this shade, your hands will look elegant and sophisticated, as well as clean and neat. It is a perfect shade for both everyday and special occasions. Also, it is suitable for the more discreet looks when we want to go for light colors like beige or pale pink. Thanks to the nude tones you will achieve a natural and neat manicure.

Trending Winter Nail Colors - Nude nails

Brown nails

They came on strong as a trending autumn nail color and have decided to stay during winter. Brown nails are one of the latest trends of the year and have become the star manicure of the season. Brown provides bold manicures while remaining elegant, stylish, sophisticated and very versatile. You can opt for the brown color palate to combine different shades or go for one of its specific shade for a uniform manicure. They always look perfect!

Trending Winter Nail Colors - Brown nails

Plum nails

Another winter color is plum, a very elegant and sophisticated burgundy shade. It fits perfectly with the cold season. It is also perfect for a monochrome manicure or to combine with other softer shades such as nude or gray. Plum-colored nails are a safe bet this winter.

Trending Winter Nail Colors - Plum nails

Red nails

Winter, Christmas, Valentine's Day... red is a color that is particularly associated with the winter months. It is a classic. Besides never going out of fashion, it has become a particular trend this autumn/winter. This elegant color is perfect on your hands to exude confidence, romanticism and style. This nail color is suitable for any occasion. Who doesn't love a passionate red manicure? Besides, the color of love goes very well with formal or informal outfits.

You may be interested in this related article about fancy nail designs to give your more winter nail color ideas.

Trending Winter Nail Colors - Red nails

Mustard nails

If you are one of those who like to wear bold colors, take note of this trending winter nail color: mustard. Unlike red, mustard is not as widely appreciated by everyone. If you have the gumption, with this color you can give your nails a touch of originality and risk. It also combine great with any winter look. Mustard is one of the most popular colors for the coming months.

Trending Winter Nail Colors - Mustard nails

Electric blue nails

Another bold color that is here to stay is electric blue. It is a tone that will bring originality and eleganceto your manicures. If you want to change your classic nails and go for more powerful winter nail colors, dark electric blue is the perfect tone for you.

Trending Winter Nail Colors - Electric blue nails

Green nails

Did you know that green is one of the trending nail colors for this winter? Although can be a very daring color, this year it is proving strong. Also, it is going to become one of the best options for manicures in the cold months. Among the green nail shades, we can highlight the most intense tones such as khaki or bottle green, ideal for the holiday season. With this color you can wear nails that evoke nature. In its most cosmopolitan and daring version, so don't miss out on your green nails this winter!

Trending Winter Nail Colors - Green nails

Fuchsia nails

Among the bold colors this winter can not forget about the fuchsia manicure. This color has been trending all year and still does not want to disappear from our nails. It is a striking color, but with a very nice result that will guarantee success with your manicure. Do you think you're bold enough for fuschia nails this winter?

Trending Winter Nail Colors - Fuchsia nails

Lilac nails

And as with pink, lilac in all its shades has been one of the nail colors of the year. So it cannot be missed in our list of tredning winter nail colors. This color is very versatile and you can combine it with white or silver tones to give it a more wintery effect. If you want to wear a pretty manicure this winter, lilac will be your color.

Trending Winter Nail Colors - Lilac nails

Satin colored nails

Satin colors are the latest trend in nails. They present in this winter's best manicures and everything that reminds us of the 90s. It is very fashionable. Betting on matte finishes will give us a touch of elegance, but also festivity. This is due to the pearly effect it provides our nails, without having to use glitter. From white to pink or teal, satin colors will make the difference in your nails this winter.

Once you have chosen the color for your nails, you want to make sure they stay vivid as long as possible. Find out how it's done with our guide to making your nail polish last longer.

Trending Winter Nail Colors - Satin colored nails

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Trending Winter Nail Colors