How to Remove Nail Polish with Toothpaste

By Nidhi Nangia. August 31, 2017
How to Remove Nail Polish with Toothpaste

The latest fashion trend is to match your nail polish with the color of your dress. If you are a fashion follower, you must be removing nail polish almost every day with a commercial nail polish remover. Whether you love trying new nail arts every other day, or you have just run out of your nail polish remover, you would be surprised to know that you can remove your nail polish with a dollop of regular toothpaste as well. Check out this oneHOWTO article to find out how to remove nail polish with toothpaste.

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What’s wrong with nail polish remover?

Most commercial nail polish remover bottles that you buy from the market contain acetone. It is a very harmful chemical that can cause serious health risks to everyone in the house. Even if you choose a product without acetone, it must be containing other ingredients that are as harmful as its counterpart.

Inhaling acetone on a regular basis can cause sufficient irritation in your eyes and respiratory tract, and lead to cough, insomnia, depression, headache and dizziness.

Nail polish remover causes discoloration of your nails, and even makes them brittle and weak.

If you accidentally leave the bottle open, it will quickly evaporate and contaminate the oxygen in your room. This is extremely dangerous, as if you happen to burn a flame, it will quickly catch fire and cause extensive damage.

Mild symptoms of acetone poisoning include headache, slurred speech, lack of coordination and lethargy. Severe symptoms can be as serious as coma, low blood pressure and deep stupor.

Considering the harmful effects of using nail polish remover, it is time to look for an alternative.

Using toothpaste to remove nail polish

All you need is a dollop of toothpaste to remove your nail polish. Although you can use any toothpaste that you regularly use for your teeth, it works best if it is the white one. It contains ethyl acetate that is also found in most nail polish removers. Due to this, it can effectively be used to remove nail polish. Follow these steps to remove nail polish with toothpaste:

  1. Take a dollop of toothpaste on your fingertip, your palm or a small bowl
  2. Cover each of your nails with toothpaste using your fingers or a cotton ball
  3. Rub the nails with toothpaste, or scrape them with a nail file
  4. Keep rubbing or scraping until all the nail polish is removed
  5. Wash your hands and see if all of the nail polish is removed
  6. Repeat the process if needed
  7. Once you have removed all the nail polish, wash your hands with water
  8. Apply a moisturizer to retain back the lost moisture to your nails and hands
How to Remove Nail Polish with Toothpaste - Using toothpaste to remove nail polish

Other alternatives to nail polish remover

If you are looking for other alternatives to nail polish remover, then you should have a look at How to Remove Nail Polish Without Acetone. Here are a few options you may try:

  • You can use an old perfume to remove your nail polish. Dip some cotton in the old perfume that you don’t use, and rub it on your painted nails. This may take some time, but you can repeat it until you remove all the nail polish from your nails
  • You can use a hand sanitizer to remove paint from your nails as well
  • Paint thinner can also work to remove nail polish from your nails. All you have to do is to soak a cotton ball in the paint thinner and rub it on your nails
  • Citrus fruits and vinegar are helpful in breaking down acidic content in your nail polish. Mix orange, lemon or lime juice in vinegar, dip a cotton swab in it and rub it on your nails. The nail polish will loosen from your nails and you can easily remove it with a cotton swab
  • Spraying deodorant on your nails can be an effective method to remove nail polish. Spray some deodorant and immediately wipe it off using cotton or a piece of cloth. Some deodorants contain ingredients that are found in nail polish removers as well

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How to Remove Nail Polish with Toothpaste
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How to Remove Nail Polish with Toothpaste

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