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How To Thin A Thickened Nail Polish

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Thin A Thickened Nail Polish

Often we go to take that nail polish that we like so much and are find that it has dried slightly or has become thickened. This happens either because we did not close it properly last time or because it has remained uncovered for some time. Whatever the reason, before looking to buy a new one, you can to use on of the tricks of this OneHowTo article, which are intended to thin nail polish that has thickened. Take note and paint your nails once again in that colour you love so much!

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Steps to follow:


If have gone to paint your nails and the polish is too thick one of the best tricks you can apply to resolve this problem is to put the bottle in hot water for a few seconds. How to do it? Very easy! Place a pot with water to heat, wait for it to boil and then submerge the bottle, well closed beforehand, in such a way that the bottle but not the top is under water. Allow to rest for a few seconds and it will be ready! You will see how your polish returns to have a more liquid consistency and you can apply on your nails without problems.


Another option to return to your polish to its original consistency is to add a little acetone or nail polish remover to the bottle. Use the product you normally use to remove the nail polish from your nails. You only need to add 2 or 3 drops of acetone to the bottle, close it well, shake with force and ascertain whether or not this trick for fixing nail polish has produced good results.

It is very important to add the acetone or nail polish remover very carefully to not exceed the correct amount, the result of this error being that your nail varnish becomes to liquid.

How To Thin A Thickened Nail Polish - Step 2

If you have no acetone or nail polish remover at home, do not worry. You can achieve the same effect and save the nail varnish by adding drops of rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Follow the same procedure as that detailed in the previous step and your polish will regain greater fluidity.


And if you wish to obtain a more professional finish, you know that there are specific diluting products designed to recover thickened polish. These are ideal and the best option on which you can rely, as it does not damage the formula or modify the properties of the nail polish. You will be pleased with the result!


In addition to knowing these tricks to fix nail polish it is essential that you know how to maintain your nail polish in top shape for extended use life time and be able to use them for much longer. Pay attention to the following advice and put it into practice:

  • If you have space, it is best to save nail polish in the fridge. Otherwise, keep it in a fresh place, free of humidity and away from direct sunlight.
  • Shake the varnish whenever you use it or at intervals to avoid them drying.
  • Ensure that at the end of your manicure, the bottle is properly closed and no fresh air can get in.
  • Clean the mouth of the nail varnish bottle. This will avoid build up of product in the area and avoid its contents drying. Do so with a cotton swab dampened with a little nail varnish remover.

With this care your nail polishes will be kept in perfect condition and will have the correct texture and consistency to make your nail always impeccable.

How To Thin A Thickened Nail Polish - Step 5

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How To Thin A Thickened Nail Polish