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The Best Tricks to Get Rid Of Cellulite

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Best Tricks to Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite or orange skin is a condition dreaded by women that appears in certain areas of the body where a cluster of fat, toxins and water occurs. In addition, the skin loses its original firmness and no longer looks as attractive as before. Although in some cases it is very difficult to remove, there are some tricks to get rid of cellulite that we can always use to reduce and prevent its occurrence. We show you how in this OneHowTo article.

  1. Healthy nutrition
  2. Physical exercise
  3. Reducing creams
  4. Anti-cellulite massage
  5. Avoid tight clothing
  6. Home remedies

Healthy nutrition

The best trick to get rid of cellulite is to start making changes in our diet as a healthy and balanced diet will really help us to prevent the accumulation of fatty tissue in areas of the body such as the hips, buttocks, legs, abdomen, etc. There are foods that are especially good for preventing cellulite such as green leafy vegetables, foods rich in fibre and rich in potassium.

Likewise, there are certain foods that accelerate the appearance of cellulite and, therefore, we must moderate their consumption. Among them are foods with a high sugar content, saturated animal fats, pasta, white bread, rice, fried foods, salt and soft drinks and coffee.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water for excellent cleansing of the body, to eliminate toxins and release all the fat that accumulates in the body.

The Best Tricks to Get Rid Of Cellulite - Healthy nutrition

Physical exercise

Food is key to reducing cellulite but always in conjunction with a daily dose of physical activity. It is best to combine aerobic exercise with activities like walking, running, swimming, spinning classes, step aerobics, water aerobics, etc., with other muscle toning exercises that act directly against localized fat in the cellulite area. Find out in this article what the best exercises to get rid of cellulite are and feel free to try them.

The Best Tricks to Get Rid Of Cellulite - Physical exercise

Reducing creams

In addition to diet and exercise, we can always try some cosmetic products to fight cellulite. There are countless reducing creams that will help to repair cellulite, but the most effective are those that firm up and exfoliate while containing fat burning components such as retinol, caffeine, collagen, seaweed, gingko biloba, among others.

There is no better trick for reducing cellulite than to apply the reducing cream regularly on the areas with cellulite in a circular motion until completely absorbed.

The Best Tricks to Get Rid Of Cellulite - Reducing creams

Anti-cellulite massage

Among other tricks to remove cellulite, we find the so-called anti-cellulite massages. A professional massage provides many benefits such as mobilizing tissues and acting on muscles and lymph vessels, it helps to eliminate toxins and therefore reduces cellulite and localized fat.

The Best Tricks to Get Rid Of Cellulite - Anti-cellulite massage

Avoid tight clothing

Despite what you may believe, it is true that continually wearing tight trousers prevents the proper release of toxins from our body and makes the process of reducing cellulite more difficult. That is why wearing loose trousers can be of great help in your active fight against cellulite.

The Best Tricks to Get Rid Of Cellulite - Avoid tight clothing

Home remedies

In addition to these tips, you can also try some natural products such as coffee or apple cider vinegar to address this very annoying and unsightly condition. See the article Home Remedies for cellulite for really effective treatments and win the battle against cellulite!

The Best Tricks to Get Rid Of Cellulite - Home remedies

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The Best Tricks to Get Rid Of Cellulite