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How to Wear Salwar Kameez at the Office

By Sara . Updated: January 30, 2017
How to Wear Salwar Kameez at the Office

The Salwar Kameez is the quintessential outfit of every Indian woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn by women of all ages. Today’s designer has given this classic outfit such a stylish makeover that it can be worn as daily wear, office wear, for college, for any functions or for any other occasions in which comfort is essential, including sangeet nights. But the key to wear this versatile outfit is to mix and match according to the occasion. In this OneHowTo article we will tell you how to wear Salwar Kameez at the office.

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  1. Textile
  2. Color and pattern
  3. Neckline and arms
  4. Fitting
  5. Jewellery


Women all over the world prefer crisp cotton shirts and pants as their office attire. This is because it gives a chic and smart look. The same effect can be achieved by working women by wearing a cotton salwar kameez. A cotton salwar kameez is simple yet commands attention. Also, it is perfect as per the hot and humid Indian climate.

How to Wear Salwar Kameez at the Office - Textile
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Color and pattern

For office wear, neutral colors work the best. They are pleasing to the eyes and are soothing for others. Bright colored salwar kameez make you look gorgeous but they are a bit too flashy. So, leave them for office parties or any other occasion. For office choose colors such as grey, beige, light blue, white, cream or any other neutral color.

The pattern on salwar kameez should be soft and minimal. Loud pattern gives a gaudy look when it comes to office outfit. So, choose chikan work or other light prints or thread work. You can also pair a plain salwar kameez with kalamkari dupatta for the ethnic feel in office. If you would like to wear a plain saree to the office, we give you lots of tips on how to accessorize a plain saree.

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How to Wear Salwar Kameez at the Office - Color and pattern
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Neckline and arms

The Kameez of any Salwar Kameez comes with a variety of necklines. For office-wear choose those which do not have deep necklines. A Chinese / mandarin collar is the classic choice for necklines. But there are other options too like the elegant boat necklines, v-neck, round neck and key-hole neck pattern.

The length of arms of the kameez should depend on your own choice and comfort factor. But it is best to avoid sleeveless ones as office wear.

How to Wear Salwar Kameez at the Office - Neckline and arms
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Never go for extremely tight fitting or loose and ill-fitting kameez while dressing up for the office. Too much tight fitting clothes will make your fellow colleagues uncomfortable and an ill-fitting kameez will make you look insincere in your work place.

How to Wear Salwar Kameez at the Office - Fitting
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For a sophisticated office look, you can add some jewelry to enhance your beauty in salwar kameez. A chunky bracelet or kada on the hand along with a small bindi looks ethereal. Also, you can add small studs in your ear. But never choose chunky hanging earring as office jewelry.

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How to Wear Salwar Kameez at the Office