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How to Wear a Nightie

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Wear a Nightie

When the heat waves step in, a nightie becomes our most comfortable piece of clothing. Often at night we wish to spend the whole day in the comfy silky satin slips. But as the day dawns we start putting on layers of clothes so that we can step outside in a proper attire. But recently our Hollywood celebrities have started challenging the definition of so called proper attire by stepping out in their nighties. If you are thinking about taking inspiration from these celebrities then keep reading this OneHowTo article to find out how to wear a nightie.

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  1. For a girls night out
  2. Jacket it up
  3. With a blazer and a hat
  4. Tie it with a shirt
  5. With shorts
  6. As sexy as RiRi
  7. Flower nightie with white t-shirt

For a girls night out

What could be better than our lacey satin nightie for a girls night out. To celebrate our feminine side, wear a lacey satin nightie with a side slit. Wear minimum accessories and a pair of matching stilettos. Keep the makeup minimum, fresh and dewy. If you are in doubt then take a cue from Rosie Hunnington.

If the attire feels to revealing then just throw a lacey wrap over your shoulder.

How to Wear a Nightie - For a girls night out
Image: dailymail

Jacket it up

The most identity revealing part of a nightie is the shoulder slip. The thin strip always reveals that we are wearing a nightie. If you want to get out on the street without anyone noticing that you are actually wearing a nightie then the best option is to cover the shoulder part. A jacket can serve this purpose. Pair it with a canvas sneaker and trot out in the sun for a great informal look.

How to Wear a Nightie - Jacket it up
Image: dailyrecord

With a blazer and a hat

You can even wear a Nightie as office wear! Oh yes, you can go that bold too. Wear a long blazer over your nightie. Cover your head with a hat and get hold of your office bag. It’s time to go to work.

How to Wear a Nightie - With a blazer and a hat
Image: stylecaster

Tie it with a shirt

If you have a beautiful nightie worthy of showing out in the world, then turn it into casual day wear. Put on the nightie and turn a checked shirt around the waist to give it a grunge look. A sling bag, a watch and a bracelet will complete the look. Step out in an ankle length boots to follow this years' trend.

How to Wear a Nightie - Tie it with a shirt
Image: stylecaster

With shorts

If you are not too comfortable with showing off your complete nightie then a simple trick would be to tuck the bottom in a high waisted shorts. In this way your nightie will turn into a top and with the lacy sexy neckline in full view. Simple and sexy.

As sexy as RiRi

RiRi’s Stella McCartney green slip dress is an inspiration for all who want to flaunt their gorgeous nightie outside of their bedroom. Next step: go nightie shopping.

How to Wear a Nightie - As sexy as RiRi
Image: fashionbombdaily

Flower nightie with white t-shirt

Following this 90's fashion trend, which is highly inspired by grunge fashion, go all the way and put on a white or grey t-shirt under your nightie. Pair it with some white trainers and you'll look bold and totally in fashion.

How to Wear a Nightie - Flower nightie with white t-shirt
Image: bajitosalamoda. com

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Image: dailymail
Image: dailyrecord
Image: stylecaster
Image: stylecaster
Image: fashionbombdaily
Image: bajitosalamoda. com
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How to Wear a Nightie