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How to Wear a Toe Ring

By Sara . Updated: August 2, 2020
How to Wear a Toe Ring

Having rings on fingers is a very common accessory among women. Starting from the expensive engagement ring to the simple everyday use rings, every girl owns one. If you want to up your accessory game then you must add toe rings to your ring collection. Toe rings are beautiful, elegant and give a life to your otherwise simple feet. It’s a must have accessory during the summer season when you flaunt one in open toed sandals and flip flops. If you are wondering how to wear a toe ring then keep reading this oneHOWTO article to find the answer.

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  1. Types of toe rings
  2. What toe to wear toe ring on?
  3. How to wear the toe ring?
  4. Is a toe ring comfortable?
  5. Things to keep in mind while buying/wearing a toe ring

Types of toe rings

There are two types of toe rings: fitted toe ring and adjustable toe ring.

  • A fitted toe ring is the one which fits your toe perfectly. You can’t change its size once it is made.
  • An adjustable toe ring has two open ends. You can adjust its size by bending it.
How to Wear a Toe Ring - Types of toe rings

What toe to wear toe ring on?

Normally rings for hands can be worn comfortably on any finger including the thumb. But this is not the case with toe ring. Wearing a toe ring on every toe especially the first one i.e. the biggest one can be a bit uncomfortable. Most people choose to wear toe ring on the second toe or long toe (the one next to the Hallux or big toe). You can easily get a ring with comfortable fit for this toe.

You can also wear a toe ring on the third, fourth and fifth toe. But you might need them be custom or you can choose an adjustable toe ring for the perfect fit.

How to wear the toe ring?

While wearing the toe ring, slide the ring till it crosses the toe pad and the first toe knuckle. The toe pad is the fat area at the end of your toe which touches the ground. A big toe pad secures the ring and ensures that it won’t get lost. But if you don’t have a large toe pad then take some precautions such as removing the ring before going into water. This way you won’t lose it.

  • Fitted toe ring: To get the fitted toe ring across the toe pad you might need lubricant as the toe pad is fatter than the rest of the toe.
  • Adjustable toe ring: An adjustable toe ring is the easiest to put on. Just bend it inwards to make the ring smaller and bend it outwards to make the ring larger in size.
How to Wear a Toe Ring - How to wear the toe ring?

Is a toe ring comfortable?

When you start wearing a toe ring, in the first 24 hours you might feel uncomfortable. Some people feel aware of the ring on their toe for at least a day. But within 1 – 2 days you will feel normal again. Your body will slowly adapt to the toe ring and you can even wear them 24/7. You can also wear the rings with closed toed footwear such as boots and shoes, though there's not much point in doing so.

One thing to keep in mind while buying a toe ring: the adjustable toe ring is sometimes more uncomfortable than the non adjustable ones. This is because if you wear socks then the ends of the ring might get caught in the fabric. Also the ends of the ring can get caught on bed spread and other fabric items.

Things to keep in mind while buying/wearing a toe ring

  • Finding a toe ring which fits you perfectly, trendy and comfortable is a rare combination. If you get such a ring then buy it immediately.
  • Toe rings and nail polish are like mac and cheese. Never put a toe ring sans nail polish on your nails and decorating them appropriately. Moreover, make sure you care for your feet properly by moisturizing them and getting rid of any foot calluses.
  • You can style multiple rings at once. Just mix and match to achieve the perfect look.
  • Never wear a ring for fingers on your toes. The design for toe rings is completely different from the ones on finger and people can easily spot it. So, however tempting the prospect might be, wearing rings for fingers on your toes is a complete no no.
  • You can make your own toe ring by using colorful beads. You can even combine anklet with toe ring for a stylish look.

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How to Wear a Toe Ring