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How to Tell if Gold Jewellery Is Real

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 23, 2022
How to Tell if Gold Jewellery Is Real

Buying gold can be a great long-term investment, as long as you are buying real gold. Gold is a precious commodity, and for that reason it is frequently faked. The best way to determine whether your gold jewelry is fake, is to go to a jewelry store and try it on, however, this could cost you some money. Before heading out to purchase gold, you can read about a few simple ways to tell if gold jewelry is real.

You'll need:

  • Magnet
  • Jewellery cleaning cloth
  • Silver cleaning solution or bleach
  • Face powders
  • Powder brush
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Steps to follow:


The first way to tell if gold jewelry is real or not is to place a magnet next to the piece of gold. Real gold is not attracted to magnets, however, fake gold or gold-plated metals are.


Rub the gold with a jewelry cleaning cloth. If the gold is fake, a few rubs with the cloth will be enough to remove some of the gold. You can also do this with a white plate.


Place the gold in a silver cleaning solution. After a day, real gold does not rust, however, gold plated metals will.

Another more drastic method that involves chemicals is using bleach. Use rubber gloves to handle everything. Pour a drop of bleach on the ring. If it's fake, bleach can destroy the ring whereas it won't have any effect if it's real.

This is not a recommended method if you want to keep and wear the jewelry no matter if it's real or fake, as this will damage your jewel if it's a fake.


Rub face powder on the gold jewelry with a powder brush. Rub the powdered gold on your skin. If it makes a black mark, you've got real gold on your hands.


Pieces of gold jewelry all have to be marked to indicate their realness. Get a magnifying glass and search for a mark o your jewel, which should indicate the amount of Karats that your gold jewel has.

If you have a piece of jewelry that is older, it may not have this mark.

How to Tell if Gold Jewellery Is Real - Step 5

Have you ever seen the iconic image of people biting a golden ring to make sure it's real gold? This is because, when bitten with slight pressure, fake gold jewelry will have dents or markings, whereas real gold will not.

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  • Your best bet if you want to rest assured if a gold jewel is real or not is to take it to a professional, especially if you don't want to damage it.
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How to Tell if Gold Jewellery Is Real