How to Wear a Navaratna Ring

How to Wear a Navaratna Ring

Usually we buy rings for just for the stylish look. But according to Hindu mythology there are some gemstones which when worn on a ring can be beneficial for a person’s future. One such ring is Navaratna ring. It is believed that the person who wears Navaratna ring will have good health, will amass huge wealth and will be lucky in everything he or she does. If you want to know how to how to wear a navaratna ring then keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

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What is Navaratna Ring?

The word navaratna is made up of two words: nava, which means nine and ratna which means gem. Navaratna ring is one ring in which nine different gems are placed strategically. These nine gems depict the power of nine planets.

The nine gems and the planet they are related to are:

  • Ruby (manikyam) represents Surya (Sun)
  • Emerald (marakatam) represents Budha (Mercury)
  • Pearl (muktaaphalam) represents Chandra (Moon)
  • Diamond (vajram) represents Shukra (Venus)
  • Red Coral (vidrumam) represents Mangala (Mars)
  • Blue sapphire (niilam) represents Shani (Saturn)
  • Yellow sapphire (pushparajam) represents Bá¹›haspati (Jupiter)
  • Hessonite (gomeda) represents Rahu (the ascending lunar node)
  • Cat's Eye (vaidooryam) represents Ketu (the descending lunar node)
How to Wear a Navaratna Ring - What is Navaratna Ring?

Arrangement of gems in a Navaratna ring

Traditionally the gems on a Navaratna ring are set in a circular setting with the Ruby in the center. The ruby represents the Sun and hence is always placed in the center. The rest of the gems should be placed surrounding it in this clockwise order:

  1. Diamond
  2. pearl
  3. Red coral
  4. Hessonite
  5. Blue sapphire
  6. Cat’s eye
  7. Yellow sapphire
  8. Emerald

How to wear Navratna ring?

A Navaratna ring should always be worn on the anamika i.e. the ring finger. Males should wear it on their ring finger of their right hand and females should wear it on their ring finger of their left hand.

Make sure that the blue sapphire gem is towards the nail of the finger and the diamond is towards your body. The yellow sapphire should be on the right side and the red coral should be on the left side of the wearer.

The purpose of wearing a navaratna ring is to protect yourself from negative energy and to increase the positive energy. So, you should always consult an astrologer before wearing one as he can advise you the best time and day for wearing the ring.

How to Wear a Navaratna Ring - How to wear Navratna ring?

Benefits of Navratna ring

According to popular belief, wearing a Navaratna ring will bring several benefits which include the following:

  • The navaratna ring wards off any negative or malicious energy of the nine planets. It also increases the positive influences of these planets on the wearer.
  • It acts as a protective shield against danger and diseases.
  • It removes any obstacle from the path of success.
  • It brings health, prosperity, luck and happiness in one’s life.
  • It cures depression and increases concentration.
  • It removes obstacles in marriages and helps in achieving a blissful marital life.
  • It is also believed that ill fortune will never fall on the bearer of Navaratna ring.

How to know whether the Navratna ring is authentic or not?

Nowadays there are many people who sell fake navratna ring at a lower price. Wearing such ring will have no effect on a person. If you want an authentic Navratna ring then keep the following points in mind.

  1. Look at the arrangement of gems in a Navratna ring. The Ruby gemstone should always be in center. If the ruby is not in center then it’s a fake ring. Also, make sure that the arrangement of gems is same as written above. If not then don’t buy the ring.
  2. There are many fake gems available in market. So, always obtain an authenticity certificate for the gems. You can get it from any shop which sells authentic Navratna ring. If the shopkeeper refuses to give the authenticity certificate then the ring is fake.
  3. Also, make sure that the gem is free from any impurity. The gem must be radiating with internal luster. Never buy a ring which has cracked or fissured gem. Any gem which looks rough or sandy or is devoid of luster should not be used for making Navratna ring.
  4. The base metal of the ring should always be gold or silver of good quality.

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Anil Jose
In the write up you have mentioned that blue sapphire gem is towards the nail of the finger and the diamond is towards your body but in the image the position is different. Can you explain why?
the write up you have mentioned that blue sapphire gem is towards the nail of the finger and the diamond is towards your body but in the image the position is different. Can
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In which first day will wear a navratra ring
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Best guidance
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can you wear it as a pendent on necklace instead of ring
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In which finger navarathna ring men to worn send me the picture
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In which finger can I wear navaratna ring ? And what is the price if made in silver Ring ? Conclusively, are you an astrologer,and does it come with prayers ? Thanks for urgent reply.
what time i should wear the ring 26.11.2017

OneHowTo Editor
Hi Punita,

It depends why you are wearing the ring. Vedic astrology claims you should wear it at different times to harness different benefits. There is no scientific evidence to support it, but astrologers also link it to your own horoscope.
How to Wear a Navaratna Ring
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How to Wear a Navaratna Ring

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