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How to Wear a Cross-body Bag

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: June 3, 2018
How to Wear a Cross-body Bag

It is such great feeling to not have to carry a heavy handbag everywhere you go, from interviews, to meetings, to gatherings with friends. Nonetheless, I don’t think we are able to carry our daily essentials in our pockets or in our hands so this is where the cross-body bag comes in handy. Cross-body bags are available in all shapes and sizes and provide a hands-free and trendy option to the old burdening handbag.

In this OneHowTo article we share some fashion tips on how to wear a cross-body bag in all shapes and sizes.

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  1. Large cross-body bag
  2. Small cross-body bag
  3. Mini cross-body bag

Large cross-body bag

Large cross-body bags are the epitome of comfort and ease. When you have to carry heavy items and you are always on the road, a one shoulder is your ideal choice. These bags are a 24/7 deal for your next trip. If you are planning on a sightseeing trip pair your cross-body bag, with a cotton shirt, a pair of jeans, your most comfortable pair of trainers and a pair of sunglasses. What you are looking for is effortless styling.

These bags are so versatile that with a sophisticated approach they can become your new work handbag. A black, sleek cross-body bag that hangs on your shoulder will fit your laptop, notebooks and other belongings. If you have to travel for a meeting you can just change onto your comfortable shoes and stick your heels in the bag. You don’t want your bag to break your polished look and this cross-body bag will without a doubt enhance it.

How to Wear a Cross-body Bag - Large cross-body bag

Small cross-body bag

Cross-body bags have become so popular that they are now sold in multiple shapes and styles. For instance, you can rock a long cross-body bag look by pairing it with a Boho chic outfit. Light brown tones will pair beautifully with white blouses, floral skirts and gladiator sandals. Additionally, fringed bags are all time favorites for music festivals.

If you have been following up with trends you might have noticed that cross-body bags are starting to be worn at a waist level. There is no rule as to which length should you wear your bag; however, this shorter length is perfect for when you want your bag to be the star of your outfit. Shortening the belt draws full eye attention to your bag when you are wearing a monotone colored outfit. Make sure that the color of your bag matches your shoes and makeup.

How to Wear a Cross-body Bag - Small cross-body bag
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Mini cross-body bag

Sometimes you just want to carry your phone, keys and credit card so a mini cross-body bag is what you are looking for. For cocktail parties, clubs and other fun events you want to go hands-free so that you can forget about your bag and delve deep into the conversation with a nice drink.

Since you might be wearing your best outfit to these special occasions you also want a sophisticated bag. Opt for cross-body bags with a chained belt that will mimic a jewelry effect. Also, opt for clean and minimalist designs that are chic and elegant.

There is a cross-body bag for every occasion. How do you prefer to style it?

How to Wear a Cross-body Bag - Mini cross-body bag
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How to Wear a Cross-body Bag