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How to Stop biting Your Lip

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Stop biting Your Lip

We all have a bad habit or two but when it unconsciously begins to cause us small injuries, we have to stop. Biting your lips can be a sensual and erotic gesture but do you do it too often? If so, you're facing a habit that can cause nervousness or stress. At OneHowTo.com we'll help you so that you always have beautiful lips, without any injuries caused by persistent and recurring biting. If you're wondering how to stop biting your lip, this article is dedicated to you. Learn how to combat this annoying habit with the following tips and tricks.

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Steps to follow:


We know that getting rid of a habit is not easy, so the main things you must have are patience, courage, effort and desire. If you do not have these qualities, it will take you a lot longer to stop this habit. Remember that habits are just caused by a repeated routine, so you just need to break this daily occurrence if you want to survive without it.

How to Stop biting Your Lip - Step 1

To stop biting your lips you will go through a process with two phases: prevention and healing. In this way, it will be much easier to get rid of this habit and heal your nibbled lips. The goal is to keep you from getting hurt and to stop your lips from becoming bloody.


To prevent biting your lips we recommend applying lipstick and lip balms often to ensure hydration. Although it may seem silly, keeping your lips well moisturized means that you'll prevent those small bits of skin. In this way you avoid injuries as you remove the urge to want to bite them to get rid of them. Good maintenance of your lips is essential to prevent biting.

How to Stop biting Your Lip - Step 3

Just as with lip balm, a good lipstick may help to keep your teeth from wanting to bite your lips. The stronger the color of the lipstick, the better. Why? There is a simple explanation. If you feel the desire to bite your lips while you're wearing a strong color, you run the risk of your teeth becoming stained or smeared with lipstick and your lips being left bare. If you want to keep your lips intact and beautiful, try a passionate red color and get rid of temptations.

How to Stop biting Your Lip - Step 4

To relieve your lips when they've been bitten you need to use balms to soothe the irritation. As mentioned above, it is important to maintain adequate hydration to avoid the appearance of little bits of skin which we'll want to bite. Balms serve for both preventing and healing, so you should always take them with you, especially in winter, the season that often dries out lips.


Although it seems contradictory, sucking or wetting your lips with saliva will just make them drier. It is important to avoid doing this and when you notice that your lips get dry, put some balm on them. We know that, as with all bad habits, you do it unconsciously. That is why you should concentrate your energy on avoiding such actions. Do not suck or wet your lips because over time you will most likely rip off a piece that you find along the way. Stop doing it!


If you think that only your mouth is responsible for your sore lips, you're wrong. You should be aware that sometimes you might also remove bits of skin with your nails, so you should get this under control. Also think about the amount of germs that are on your hands every day and that are you are putting directly into the mouth.


You should stay calm and work on your self-control. This habit is almost certainly exaggerated at times of nervousness, stress or tension. You should try to channel these situations to prevent this annoying habit. In the end you're only hurting yourself. The psychological side is important if you want to overcome this habit. Take care of your skin and lips, and treat them as your most precious possession. In this way, you'll avoid damaging them.

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How to Stop biting Your Lip