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How to Make a Lip Scrub

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: October 5, 2017
How to Make a Lip Scrub
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Especially in cold or dry weather, lips become dehydrated easily. This can result in those unsightly little bits of skin appearing on your lips. If you're in the mood for lipstick, it can result in an uneven an unpleasant look, similar to how you get when you paint over a sandy surface. If you have dry or cracked lips, carrying out a thorough exfoliation will remove all the dead skin cells and quickly restore its softness. Getting that sexy and sensual look back is not only easy, but tasty, as sugar granules are a great natural exfoliant. You don't want to eat it, but when you learn how to make a lip scrub with this oneHOWTO article you'll see that a moment on the lips is tasty without affecting the hips at all.

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  1. Honey and sugar DIY lip scrub
  2. Vaseline and sugar DIY lip scrub
  3. Coffee and almond oil DIY lip scrub
  4. Salt and cinnamon DIY lip scrub
  5. Coconut oil and sugar DIY lip scrub
  6. Gingerbread and ginger DIY lip scrub
  7. Bubblegum lip scrub
  8. Cinnamon lip scrub
  9. Lip balm lip scrub

Honey and sugar DIY lip scrub

One of the simplest, yet most effective homemade DIY lip scrubs out there, this one is so easy to make. Who are we kidding, they're all pretty easy, but these are two DIY lip scrubs ingredients you are most likely to find in your house. This means you won't have to go out and buy special ingredients and, of course, you can use honey in lots of dishes and drinks.

The sugar granules will help with the physical exfoliation of the skin, but with honey, even a single treatment will grant you its powerful moisturizing properties. This will lead to juicy lips free of little bits of skin.

To make the honey and sugar DIY lip scrub, put equal parts honey and sugar in a ramekin and stir until fully combined. Stir gently as you don't want to make the sugar granules breakdown. If you do, they'll lose their effect.

How to Make a Lip Scrub - Honey and sugar DIY lip scrub
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Vaseline and sugar DIY lip scrub

If you like using Vaseline to moisturize your lips, you should know that it is also an ideal product to make a good DIY lip scrub. It's as easy as adding a little brown or white sugar to the Vaseline and apply the mixture with the help of a toothbrush with soft bristles. You will notice that your lips instantly improve and seem nourished and full.

The reason why Vaseline works so well is that it is a lubricant. After the sugar removes the dead skin, the Vaseline will keep your lips well greased (in a good way) and also helps provide a protective layer against dryness and cold. This is why long distance runners spread it on their nipples, it prevents friction building up and leaves supple lovely lips.

How to Make a Lip Scrub - Vaseline and sugar DIY lip scrub
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Coffee and almond oil DIY lip scrub

The beans in fine ground coffee are excellent for removing dead skin and impurities. That is why we're proposing this DIY lip scrub with coffee and almond oil. This will keep your lips moisturized and looking beautiful and healthy. Mix one tablespoon of ground coffee with one of almond oil and apply the resulting paste on your lips with a toothbrush or your fingers. Make sure you use ground coffee beans and not instant coffee. Instant coffee will simply dissolve and make your lips look like you've forgotten how to eat.

One of the best reasons for using coffee and almond oil as a lip scrub is the flavor. Again, we're not encouraging you to apply a little to your lips and then gobble a spoonful afterwards, but you will be granted little bursts of taste when you get a little on your tongue. Ground coffee is not something you'll want to be eating anyway. Even though the flavor is delicious, it is not good to ingest.

How to Make a Lip Scrub - Coffee and almond oil DIY lip scrub
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Salt and cinnamon DIY lip scrub

Another useful ingredient to make a homemade DIY lip scrub if you don't have any ground coffee or sugar is sea salt as it can also help exfoliation. Pour one third of a teaspoon of salt and cinnamon and a teaspoonful of olive oil in a container, mix and apply with your fingers gently on your lips.

Again, this is not for eating, especially as eating salt on its own can induce your gag reflex. However, it will be good for your lips as an exfoliant

How to Make a Lip Scrub - Salt and cinnamon DIY lip scrub

Coconut oil and sugar DIY lip scrub

Coconut oil is another great natural remedy for skin, whether on your lips or elsewhere. It has a pleasant flavor, but more importantly, it is a natural moisturizer and it constructs an antibacterial shield. This is helpful if you have a tendency towards infections or breakouts around the mouth area.

How to Make a Lip Scrub - Coconut oil and sugar DIY lip scrub

Gingerbread and ginger DIY lip scrub

This is a great one as it involves you getting to eat some gingerbread (if you want). As you eat gingerbread normally, you'll get crumbs. This time, you're encouraged to create a mess. Break some of the crumbs and mix with some ground ginger and coconut oil. Use quickly while there is still some structure to the crumbs. This is a good one if you want a very gentle exfoliation or if you have sensitive lips.

How to Make a Lip Scrub - Gingerbread and ginger DIY lip scrub

Bubblegum lip scrub

Bubblegum flavoring is not always easy to come by, but if you find it in your supermarket or online, it's great for your own homemade scrub. Take two teaspoons of sugar and put in a few drops of bubblegum flavoring along with the same amount of olive oil. Stir together and put in pink or blue food coloring if you want it to look the part as well (not necessary unless you want to give it as a gift).

How to Make a Lip Scrub - Bubblegum lip scrub

Cinnamon lip scrub

This is another easy, but delicious lip scrub to make at home. Add a pinch of cinnamon to a teaspoon of sugar. Put in a few drops of olive oil, coconut oil or honey for lubrication.

If you are unsure of which type of sugar to use for a lip scrub, as long as it's granulated, it should be fine. brown sugar is usually a little coarser than refined white sugar, so you can see how much exfoliation your lips need and choose it that way. Using powdered confectioner's sugar will not work and end up the equivalent of rubbing frosting on your lips. Tasty, but not ideal for a lip scrub.

How to Make a Lip Scrub - Cinnamon lip scrub

Lip balm lip scrub

While we enjoy finding new flavors to use for a homemade lip scrub, this is something lip balm producers also try out in their labs. There are always new flavors coming out, so if you want to make a lip scrub with your favorite lip balm, simply mix equal parts lip balm with granulated sugar. We're a fan of cheery lip balm here at oneHOWTO, so if you share our tastes this is a good scrub to opt for.

How to Make a Lip Scrub - Lip balm lip scrub

Do not forget to properly moisturize your lips right after the scrub. Applying a repairing balm is sufficient or, if you prefer, try some natural methods that we suggest in the article how to moisturize your lips without chapstick.

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How to Make a Lip Scrub