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How to match bags with shoes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to match bags with shoes
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For a long time, the standard rule for matching bags with shoes was very simple and clear-cut. The shoes needed to be the same colour as the bag, and that was the only way to have a style that matched and looked good. It also made shopping much easier, as it meant you always made the right choices. But this is no longer the main school of thought so, in this OneHowTo article, we'll explain How to match bags with shoes so that you're up to date with the latest trends.

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Steps to follow:


The key to matching bags with shoes is for them to go together but not be exactly the same, and for both to be in a similar or complementary colour to the clothes that you're wearing. But we don't want it to be too "matchy-matchy". For example, some black heels with white polka dots can look great with a white bag with a black trim. A blue bag looks great with various shades of blue shoes - light blue, navy, or something similar. If you have an animal print bag, it's best to choose black or brown shoes.

As we can see, there is a certain degree of coordination, but the items are not identical. It's all about finding the contrast.

How to match bags with shoes - Step 1
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Take textures into account when matching shoes and bags. Wearing blue with a denim handbag and shoes can be a great look. It's feminine, original and casual at the same time.

How to match bags with shoes - Step 2
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If your handbag is big, your shoes need to be less conspicuous. It's a basic rule of style - don't overdo your look. Let the details speak for themselves. With a large handbag, go for dark, non-ostentatious heels.

Make sure you are using the right bag for each occasion. Take a look at all the types of bags and their uses.

How to match bags with shoes - Step 3
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If you're wearing ankle boots, go for a big handbag. For example, a large animal print handbag with grey ankle boots and a denim skirt is an ideal daytime look. Simple, feminine and fashionable.

On the other hand, high boots go incredibly well with shoulder bags. Mix and match your favorite!

How to match bags with shoes - Step 4
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If you have a leather handbag or clutch, you can pair it with some eye-catching platforms. Match an elegant, gold-trimmed black bag with some black print peep-toe shoes with some sort of gold embellishment.

How to match bags with shoes - Step 5
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For a night outfit, go for small bags such as a clutch or wristlet. Taking the rest of advice into account, match your bag with some elegant stillettos for a more refined look such as dinner or house party, or some chunky heels for a party night out.

How to match bags with shoes - Step 6

If you're into the latest fashion, you'll know that casual chic or sport chic is all the rage right now. Combine a pair of sneakers with a large clutch bag, satchel bag or shopping bag for a perfect look! You can also learn more on how to get a casual chic look.

How to match bags with shoes - Step 7
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Hi, I have bought shoes for my daughters wedding I can not find a bag to match
They are leather ochre with a beige back & heel, I would say they are more a greeny colour I would love ideas how to natch
Many thanks
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Carolyn
What is she wearing with the boots? You could either find a bag that matches the boots green leather or opt for a beige bag to match the heel.
Image: vanandsil
Image: theglambition.com
Image: grandespies.com
Image: modavstendencias.com
Image: victoriarockera.com
Image: blogs.lasprovincias.es
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How to match bags with shoes