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How to Make your Mehndi Darker for Hands

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: February 9, 2017
How to Make your Mehndi Darker for Hands

Mehndi, also known as Henna, holds a lot of cultural importance in India. Indian ladies flaunt intricate designs on their palms, and sometimes also feet. But the only fear most women have is not to get a dark color of mehndi on their hands. We already explained you how to make mehndi last longer in another tutorial. So here at oneHOWTO, we are going to give you some tips on how to make your mehndi darker for hands.

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Steps to follow:


Get rid of dirt. Wash your palms before applying mehndi, so that any oil and dirt gets completely removed from them. By doing this, your mehndi will be absorbed better, and you will automatically get a darker mehndi color.

How to Make your Mehndi Darker for Hands - Step 1

Apply eucalyptus oil. Before applying the mehndi on your hands, apply eucalyptus oil after washing your hands properly. It smells good, and works wonders for the color of your mehndi too. Make sure you wait until the oil is totally absorbed, as any moisture on the surface may make it difficult for the pigment to penetrate the skin.


Apply the mehndi. If you're a beginner, you can check our article how to apply mehndi for beginners. The type of mehndi you apply will be a big influence on the color. First of all, you should make sure your mehndi is natural and good quality. Make your own mehndi at home rather that purchasing a ready made paste.

You should apply the paste evenly and without stopping the process, as this would give the pattern uneven color tones. Make sure you do not move your hands as this could make the mehndi move and not only spoil the pattern, but make it harder for dark pigments to sediment.

How to Make your Mehndi Darker for Hands - Step 3

Apply sugar and lemon. Once your mehndi has dried out completely, take a mixture of sugar and lemon on it with the help of a cotton ball. Use the right amount, as over-doing it may spoil your mehndi design.

How to Make your Mehndi Darker for Hands - Step 4

Use clove fumes. Using clove fumes, also known as bhaap, is a widely spread trick to make mehndi darker many women swear by. Put some cloves in a pan, turn on the gas, and place your hands in such a way that your mehndi gets exposed to the smoke coming from the cloves. Remove the hands only when they start hurting.

How to Make your Mehndi Darker for Hands - Step 5

Wrap with clingfilm. After applying the mehndi, you should always let it dry on its own. You should never try to dry it quickly by sitting in the sun, shaking your hands or putting them in front of a fan. Ask someone to get some cling film and carefully wrap it around your design, begin extremely careful not to smudge your design.


Leave overnight. It is better to keep your mehndi on for as long as you can, though it is recommended to be left for at least seven to eight hours. It is best to apply it at night, keep it overnight, and take it off next morning. The longer you keep your mehndi, the darker color it will get.


Remove mehndi crust. Once this layer has dried you can proceed to taking off the mehndi crust. Make sure you don't remove it by applying water but scrape it instead.


Do not wash your hands immediately after removing the mehndi. Try to keep them away from water for as long as you can, it is recommended not to touch water for at least 12 hours. Washing your hands may lighten the color of your mehndi, thus keeping you off from receiving the desired results.

Remember, you can make mehndi darker, but it should never be black. Black mehndi could contain harmful allergens.


Apply a layer of Vicks. After removing the mehndi crust, apply Vicks, limestone paste (works very well) or some pickle oil on it, as this will help the color's pigments penetrate the skin further. This will therefore give a darker color to your mehndi.


Now you know how to make mehndi darker, you can learn How to make Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands!

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  • You should not try to use a hairdryer or similar to make the henna dry faster, as this would ruin your design and create smudges.
  • Avoid applying mehendi on open wounds or scars as this could infect the area internally and cause serious problems.
  • Chuna may also work for some people instead of Vicks to get a darker color. However it does give many people a rash and also causes dry skin, so it is not 100% recommended.
  • Do not shave, wax or exfoliate for the next four days, as this could ruin your mehndi pattern completely.
  • It is said that drinking too much water right before applying mehndi can affect the darkness of the pattern, so make sure you have something to eat and water way before your mehndi session, 2 hours before maximum.
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I have my wedding in 48 hours and my mehndi is in 2 hours, is it too late for my mehndi to look darker?
Thank you!
OneHowTo Editor
Good question Mara!

It is said that you need to have your Mehndi done at least from 48 to 24 hours before the main event. Leaving it for a minimum of eight hours and a maximum of twelve hours is enough.
Follow our tips mentioned in our article and you'll see how your mehndi will look darker for your special day.
Good luck!
i removed mehndi by washing my hand wst to do i want it darker
There is not much you can do, maybe try to repeat the process and re-apply mehndi. Don't wash your hands and scrape instead to make your mehndi look darker.
Hope this helps
pls give more tips i cant stir up....
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How to Make your Mehndi Darker for Hands