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How to Make Big Lips Look Smaller

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 10, 2022
How to Make Big Lips Look Smaller

Although many of us would like to have bigger, fuller lips, some women find that their lips are too voluminous and would like to make them look smaller. In this article oneHOWTO, we'll focus on the latter. We'll provide some simple make-up tricks to shape and refine the lips, making you look altogether more beautiful. Read on to discover how to disguise big lips.

Steps to follow:


If you think your lips are too voluptuous and want to conceal them to make them look smaller, the following make-up trick will be invaluable to you. Simply camouflage and blend the lip contour with some foundation to leave them looking visibly thinner. When you're applying foundation all over the face, dab a light layer just around the mouth using your fingertips. Blend the product all around the area, including the middle, so that the color you apply on top stays intact for longer.


With the above trick, your lips will look much thinner. If you want to use a lip liner, we recommend choosing a pencil in light or neutral colors, such as beige or peach. Avoid dark and bold tones (red, burgundy, fuchsia, dark brown...) which will only make your lips stand out further.


Once you've found the right liner, apply by drawing a line just inside you lip line, following the natural contour of our lips. With this step, your lips will look a bit smaller but with a more attractive shape. They are now primed for lipstick in your choice of color.


From the infinity of shades available, try to select carefully to hide big lips. Avoid strong color such as red, fuchsia, violet, orange, coral, etc., and instead go for softer, lighter colors like beige, nude, pale pink, light brown, etc. Also avoid lip gloss as it will add volume to lips, go for matte tones instead.


Finally, try this other trick to hide big lips and make them less visible: Highlight other facial features such as the eyes, enhancing their beauty with strong and intense make-up. You'll dazzle with a sultry, seductive look. A smoky eye is always a hit, as well as thickly lined eyes and a dark or bright shade of eye shadow.

How to Make Big Lips Look Smaller - Step 5

But how do you make big lips look thinner for men? If you don't use makeup, then we'll be honest with you, there's not much you can do unless you want to undergo surgery.

It is said that certain exercises may work by tightening the lip's muscle structure. To do this exercise, put your lips in the biggest 'O' shape they can create. Then, close them as fast as you can, pressing your lips tightly too. Repeat for five minutes every day.

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How to Make Big Lips Look Smaller