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How to Cover Spots with Makeup

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 31, 2019
How to Cover Spots with Makeup

Make-up is able to correct and cover imperfections in the skin, making our skin look completely smooth and beautiful. And so it is especially useful when you need to camouflage a spot which may have appeared recently or those which are a persistent symptom of acne. Nonetheless, it is essential to always care for the skin so to not worsen its condition and to keep it healthy, so always use quality cosmetics and do not overdo their application. So you know how to do this properly without damaging the skin of your face, in the following oneHOWTO article we show you step by step how to cover spots with makeup.

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Steps to follow:


Skin which suffers from many spots or with a tendency to have acne needs hydration but must also 'breathe' and always be kept clean. Therefore, first apply an oil free moisturizer on the face; if it is a lotion which has been specifically developed to treat acne it will be even better. Put a small amount on the spot area and leave this to be completely absorbed so your skin remains smooth and soft.

How to Cover Spots with Makeup - Step 1

Now you must use the best cosmetic there is to cover spots with makeup: the green concealer. It is specially designed to camouflage and correct those pimples and redness that are so hard to hide. With the help of a specific fine brush for concealer you should apply a little on the spot, covering its surface and blending it slightly. Forget about using the corrector concealer to hide spots on the face, as this concealer is a bit lighter than your skin tone and will only make the imperfections stand out more.

How to Cover Spots with Makeup - Step 2

Once you have finished applying the green concealer you will want it to remain intact. For this we recommend applying a first layer of translucent powder on the face with a brush. It is important that in all steps you use brushes for make-up and you avoid doing things with your fingers, this will stop spots becoming infected and more visible.


Choose a foundation which is oil free and opaque to cover the spots but which also has the property of regulating sebum of facial skin. Only in this way you will get a natural and beautiful look. Place a very small amount of foundation on the back of your hand and with the help of an appropriate brush, apply this to the face with light and uniform strokes.

How to Cover Spots with Makeup - Step 4

Finally, seal the make up with another thin layer of translucent powder. With these simple steps you will be able to cover spots and have a smoother and more radiant complexion. Then the only thing left will be to add make up on your eyes and your lips as you like best.


Remember that skins with acne or many spots require quality cosmetics and products recommended by specialists to monitor and improve this condition. Also, if your skin is going through an outbreak of acne it is best not to apply any make up on spots; instead do a deep cleaning of the skin and use a specialist product to dry them.


If spots appear frequently on your skin, it is best to visit a dermatologist to determine the cause and establish whether you need medical treatment. At oneHOWTO you can see some useful tips to prevent and combat these imperfections:

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How to Cover Spots with Makeup