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How To Do Punjabi Makeup

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: March 22, 2022
How To Do Punjabi Makeup

Punjabi makeup is characterized by dark colors, flattering hair styles and lots of accessories. Whether it is your wedding, or you are going to attend a Punjabi party, oneHOWTO will tell you how to do Punjabi makeup on your own. All you require is a set of good quality makeup products, so that your makeup stays fresh and long lasting throughout the ceremony.

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  1. The Base
  2. Eye makeup
  3. Cheeks
  4. Lips

The Base

  • Before applying your base makeup, clean your face thoroughly with a good face wash, and apply some moisturizer. Then rub an ice cube on your face to feel fresh and close the skin pores.
  • Apply a corrector on the problem areas of your skin, so that you achieve an even tone on your neck and skin. Click here to know how to cover spots with make up. Strokes work better than dots to give you an even blend.
  • Next, apply foundation on your face in dots, especially on the neck, jaw line and around the eyes. Then use a wet makeup sponge to blend the foundation with your skin. This will give a bright look and smooth base to your face.
  • In the end, seal the base with a compact. The shade that you use should match with the foundation. Do not apply too much of the compact powder, as it may give you a cakey appearance.
How To Do Punjabi Makeup - The Base

Eye makeup

  • Start with applying loose powder under your eyes and over the eye lids.
  • Punjabi makeup is differentiated by giving a bold glittery touch to your eyes. For this, apply light base on your eye lids, especially the inner corners of your eyes.
  • Use darker shades on the outer corners of your eyes, and blend together to give dimension to your eyes. Re-apply the outer and inner corner shades, and blend properly to give a darker finish.
  • Apply glitter on the brow bone, the color of which should match with your outfit. Then apply the glitter, and blend properly to give a smoother finish.
  • Use double coat of black mascara, and brown or black eye liner on the eye lids.
  • To finish, apply dark kajal or kohl under your eyes, followed by a colored kajal is desired.

Click here to find tips to apply eye makeup as per your eye shape. If you have different colored eyes, click to know makeup tips for green and brown eyes.

How To Do Punjabi Makeup - Eye makeup


  • Highlighting the cheeks can make a lot of difference in giving you a glittery or dull look. So choose your base shade only, or a peach-pink undertone.
  • First of all, apply the base tone on your jaw line, starting from inside, and moving towards the forehead with upward strokes. This will enhance your face features, and give a longer look.
  • Apply bronzer with a glittery finish on the cheek apples. Do not use a shade that is very shiny or dark. Avoid using cream based blushers, as it may make your face look dark and oily.


  • A suitable shade of lipstick will give a final touch to your Punjabi makeup. Apply foundation on your lips and use a powder to set it.
  • Define your lips with a lip liner.
  • Use base color on your bottom lip, and darker coat on the upper lip.
  • Finish with gloss, and blend with brush.
How To Do Punjabi Makeup - Lips

Your Punjabi makeup is now ready for festivities such as Lohri. Once you come back from the party, do not forget to remove the makeup properly with olive oil.

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How To Do Punjabi Makeup