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Haircuts That Make You Look Younger

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 25, 2021
Haircuts That Make You Look Younger

When some women reach a certain age, they need to feel younger. If this applies to you, your hair can be your greatest ally. The way you style and cut your hair can reveal a lot about you. Just as there are hairstyles that can add years to you, some can take years off you in a jiffy.

If you want to learn some tricks and find haircuts that make you look younger, this oneHOWTO article gives you all the details. What will you choose?

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  1. Classic bob
  2. Layers, lots of layers
  3. What colour do I choose?
  4. Create movement in your hair with waves
  5. A fringe will make you look youthful
  6. The Pixie cut is a classic
  7. Visit your stylist!

Classic bob

A classic bob cut is a great haircut that is really popular among celebrities. Ask your stylist to cut your hair at an angle that goes straight from the bottom of your jawline at the front, becoming increasingly shorter towards the back. In addition, it's best to cut the tips straight because the hair stands out better. If you want to add a fringe, that's perfect too!

This hairstyle gives the face an instant youthful look. The angle also creates the illusion of high cheekbones, so it's perfect for looking younger. Of course, don't cut it very short, especially at the back. There are many ways of wearing this look. Whether it's shoulder length, chin length, with a classic fringe, with a side fringe, smooth or wavy - the choice is yours!

With this in mind, it is important that you allow your stylist to advise you on the appearance that is best suited to your face. However, it's more than likely that if you have a square face, a long face or an oval face, this style will be right for you. If you add some highlights to lighten your face, you'll immediately take some years off.

Haircuts That Make You Look Younger - Classic bob

Layers, lots of layers

No matter how long or short your hair, if you want to look younger and you want to have long hair, it is best to opt for layers. This type of haircut removes volume giving it a more relaxed and youthful style.

Short layered hair is ideal to give some freshness to the face. This is an ideal option for women with straight, full hair, as well as those with slightly wavy hair, as you can shape your hair as you please. Short hair is versatile, sensual and ideal for making you look more fresh and youthful. So, if you've always wanted to try this, it's a good time to opt for this look.

Also, if you opt for long hair, never get a straight cut or style it very stiffly or in a structured hairstyle. It's best to opt for a casual look. Whether you're going out to buy bread or go to a wedding, tell your stylist what you want and they will take care of you so you look radiant.

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Haircuts That Make You Look Younger - Layers, lots of layers

What colour do I choose?

When discussing haircuts that make you look younger, the color can also be really important. In order to take off years off you, think about applying a light tint - whether with blonde or chocolate brown tones. These colors can rejuvenate the face and the person in general.

Beware of extremes as black can look really severe and platinum blonde does not usually look good. This can look rather unsightly and false. Always remember to add streaks or reflexes to make it look more natural.

Haircuts That Make You Look Younger - What colour do I choose?

Create movement in your hair with waves

Following on from haircuts that can make you look younger, another star option that's very easy to achieve is to create waves in your hair. If it is already naturally wavy, try not to lose your wavy hair during the passage of time. If your hair is straight, you can do it quickly with curling tongs or go to your stylist and ask them to transform it from straight to wavy hair.

If having hair above your shoulders is definitely not your thing, there is no need to worry. There are also options for cuts that help you look younger without cutting all your hair off. This is where a mid-length cut with waves reigns supreme. It's a pretty cool and manageable look that allows you to have long hair that's suited to your age.You can wear it with or without a fringe.

You can also opt for a straight hairstyle for those days when you feel like you want to have everything under control. You'll achieve a less serious and more youthful look with this style, as well as achieving layers. Very straight hair shows up facial imperfections much more. This is a really simple trick that's very effective for taking years off you. Leave your hair to the wind!

Haircuts That Make You Look Younger - Create movement in your hair with waves

A fringe will make you look youthful

If your hair lacks vitality, choose a short haircut with a long fringe. This will refresh your image and strengthen your hair. So that your look isn't too severe, have a side fringe that's well styled, and if you want, a little longer than the rest of your hair.

A fringe will knock years off you, whether you wear it long or short. You can opt for a side fringe if you don't want to cover your face too much or wear it thicker over your forehead for a more youthful effect. This haircut is recommended for all hair types, but watch out for the shape of your face.

It is important to clarify that this look does not suit women with round faces as adding volume will accentuate these features.

Haircuts That Make You Look Younger - A fringe will make you look youthful

The Pixie cut is a classic

This cut is ideal for women who want to go for a really short look. They can enhance the features of their face without having to worry about hair maintenance! The pixie is a classic look which has been around for decades. However, before we encourage you to take the step, consult your stylist for their opinion. They will advise you whether or not this dramatic change will suit your features.

Haircuts That Make You Look Younger - The Pixie cut is a classic

Visit your stylist!

If you want a complete change to make you look younger and bring some freshness to your look, then feel free to visit a professional stylist. Remember that when it comes to a new look, there's nothing better than consulting a specialist to help you achieve the perfect style.

Haircuts That Make You Look Younger - Visit your stylist!

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Haircuts That Make You Look Younger