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How To Make Waves With A Flat Iron

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 30, 2017
How To Make Waves With A Flat Iron

Wavy hair is fashionable and has become a favorite hairstyles of many women. It makes you look beautiful with carefree locks and a very flattering look natural. Now straighteners don't only smooth down our hair, but can also create amazing wavy hair. Do you know how to use them to create waves? In the following OneHowTo article we show you step by step how to make waves with a flat iron so you can start practicing.

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Steps to follow:


Before starting to make waves with a flat iron or straightener, it is essential that your hair is straight, so we advise you to brush your hair well to make sure you can create a flattering wavy effect; and if you have just washed it, make sure there is no moisture, using a hairdryer if necessary and re-styling.

How To Make Waves With A Flat Iron - Step 1

When your hair is combed, it's time to apply a thermal protector evenly through your hair. With this product, your hair will be protected and will not be damaged by exposure to the high temperatures of the flat irons. You need to choose the thermal protector according to your hair type, but for applying it to dry hair before making it wavy you should use a spray as they can reach any area easily and will prevent your hair from weakening or breaking.


The next step to make waves with a flat iron is to divide your hair into two parts or a few more if you have a large amount of hair, so you can work better and get more beautiful waves. Hold up the upper layer of hair on the top half of your scalp with a clip and begin styling the bottom layer first. It is best that the flat irons are at a temperature between 170 and 190 degrees Celsius (338 and 374 degrees Fahrenheit), because higher temperatures will excessively damage and burn hair fibers.

How To Make Waves With A Flat Iron - Step 3

Perfect! Now you can start making waves in your hair with a flat iron. The key is to place the iron vertically with the cable always facing up, then, take the lock of hair, turn the iron back 180 degrees so that the waves stay more natural and gradually slide the straighteners down but keeping it upright. If you slide it down horizontally, the waves will be much more marked and defined. Fix the shape of the wave with your fingers and when it's how you like it, repeat the procedure on the other strands until all your hair is done.

How To Make Waves With A Flat Iron - Step 4

Depending on the amount of hair used in each wave you can achieve more natural waves or, conversely, more marked curls. If you just want some super natural surfer waves then you should get thicker sections of hair; if you want defined curls, use less hair in each section.


Have you got your hair full of waves? So now you just have to spray on some hair spray to keep the style intact for longer and perfect all day. You can also apply some repairing serum to the tips to make them softer and look pretty and healthy.

How To Make Waves With A Flat Iron - Step 6

If you want this fashionable hairstyle but would rather not use the heat generated by straighteners, it is possible to achieve spectacular waves using other methods that are much less aggressive on your hair.

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How To Make Waves With A Flat Iron