What is the Best Fringe for your Face?

What is the Best Fringe for your Face?

A great way to update your look and get a fresh, stylish haircut without changing your hair too much is simply to get a fringe or bangs. While bangs look great with almost every style, there are some shapes in particular that will highlight your best features and help you look stunning.

Are you wondering what is the best fringe for your face? The easiest way to find a hairstyle that truly suits you is to take into account your face shape. A good haircut will balance your traits, while an unflattering fringe may bring out what you're most insecure about. In order to help you, in this oneHOWTO article we'll help you discover what is the best fringe for your face.

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A fringe is usually very flattering, as hair falling over your forehead can be used to harmonize your facial features and enhance your beauty. You can get a fringe without changing your whole hairstyle, but we recommend taking a look at the best haircuts with a fringe.

Before discussing what fringe suits what face shape, bear in mind that longer, thicker fringes suits thick or curly hair, whereas thinner, shorter fringes are flattering for thinner, straighter hair textures.


What is the best fringe for a round face?

For people with a round face, a fairly long, layered side fringe works best. A diagonal fringe helps frame the face, highlight the features and give the face an overall more polished and angular look. In contrast, blunt fringes that emphasize the roundness of the face should be avoided.

Here you can learn all about flattering haircuts for round faces and the best hair parting for round faces.


What is the best fringe for an oval face?

If the shape of your face is oval, consider yourself lucky! Practically every fringe style looks great on an oval-shaped face, so you can experiment with any shape, size and direction you like.

Here you can learn the best hairstyles for oval faces.


What is the best fringe for a square face?

Square faces with defined features - like a marked jaw - work really well with parted, longer fringes. This balances out the angles and softens them, helping you look younger.


What is the best fringe for a long face?

If your face is long, a fringe that breaks up the length somewhat will balance out your features. We recommend a straight, long fringe down to your eyebrows that will frame and highlight your eyes.

Here you can learn how to do 1920s hairstyles for short and long hair, as they often include this kind of blunt fringe, and the best Indian bridal hairstyles for a long face.


Now that you know what is the best fringe for your face, tell us how do you wear it in the comments section!

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What is the Best Fringe for your Face?
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What is the Best Fringe for your Face?
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