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The Best Haircuts for Long Hair and Fringe

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Best Haircuts for Long Hair and Fringe

Straight, long, short, lopsided... How do you like to wear a fringe? If you're thinking about refreshing your look, but want to continue to have long hair, pay attention to the next article, to choose the best haircuts for long hair and fringe.

There are many options for showing off casually styled, beautiful hair, thanks to a nice fringe that can suit your facial characteristics. Discover the latest trendy styles that will give you an enviably chic look. We present some looks and perfectly fashionable cuts so you can feel more beautiful than ever.

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  1. Long hair and a straight fringe
  2. Long hair and a casual fringe
  3. Long hair and a lopsided fringe
  4. More ideas for your fringe

Long hair and a straight fringe

One of the most common fringes par excellence is the straight, full fringe because it usually looks perfect with many different hairstyles such as buns and updo's, ponytails or loose hair. Even with a simple cut, you can wear a fringe in different ways to give your look a fresh touch.

If you have a large amount of hair, you can opt for a long, full fringe, by cutting it just below the eyebrows to make it look visibly longer. Your cut can look more classic by adding a touch of volume to your hair. This hairstyle is ideal for wavy, mid-length hair with volume. It isn't recommended for very long hair.

Another perfect look for a straight fringe is an unforgettable Cleopatra cut. We recommend giving it a more modern touch by not having it cut as straight, which is ideal if you have a large forehead. Also try to avoid covering the eyebrows, as this is the latest trend in straight cuts with a fringe. If you want to reinvent this classic even more, try to avoid wearing your hair completely straight. By adding a small wave or having a bob where the ends tuck under, you will always add a more modern touch to your Cleopatra style.

Adding volume to a straight fringe will make it look more natural and give it movement. You can do this with the help of a round brush and a blow dryer. Update your style by leaving your fringe a little longer than usual and then add some volume. You'll look great!

The Best Haircuts for Long Hair and Fringe - Long hair and a straight fringe

Long hair and a casual fringe

One of the best options for a casual and informal look, is to have a casually cut layered fringe to achieve movement and a fresh image. To do this, leave your hair long, and cut your fringe evenly but not straight. Cut a little more off the sides so you notice the difference between your fringe and your longer hair, allowing it to fall in layers on your forehead.

Another good option for long hairstyles with a fringe is to wear it thick but layered. This style fits very well with long bob style haircuts, which are currently really in fashion. It is also great for really long layered hair, especially if you style it to one side.

If you have trouble keeping a well-groomed fringe, we suggest a wilder haircut, which is ideal for long and mid length hair. You just need to cut your fringe into layers and give it some volume without using straighteners or a hairdryer. Simply leave it to air dry, so it even has a neglected look to it. This is key for achieving a kind of tousled fringe. This is a sexy look that will be fine if you're not a fan of spending hours with a dryer or straighteners. Are you going to choose it?

The Best Haircuts for Long Hair and Fringe - Long hair and a casual fringe

Long hair and a lopsided fringe

If you are bothered about your hair covering your face too much or you have small features, it is best to opt for a lopsided fringe. This type of cut gives your face an interesting and sexy touch. Go for it!

You can opt for a side parting when you have your fringe cut. This is a safe bet and is flattering for almost any face shape. Move your fringe to one side and then give your hair volume. You'll look fabulous!

The Best Haircuts for Long Hair and Fringe - Long hair and a lopsided fringe

More ideas for your fringe

All these looks are great, but when you don't know which one is right, it's sometimes hard to choose the best option or know how to style it once you have it, so OneHowTo invites you to consult more articles which will be of great help. Find out:

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The Best Haircuts for Long Hair and Fringe