Best Haircuts with a Fringe

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Best Haircuts with a Fringe

A fringe creates a timeless look that enhances your image and you should take care of it well and blend it well with your style. If you're thinking about changing your look, looking stylish and drop-dead gorgeous, you should take note of the best haircuts to go with a fringe. It can be complicated to think about the shape, the volume and how long you want it to be, so some help is welcome. With this in mind, we at OneHowTo have compiled some top tips and examples of the best haircuts with a fringe so your hairdresser knows exactly how you want it. Ready to look perfect with your new haircut?

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  1. Cleopatra cut
  2. Asymmetrical cut
  3. Long hair
  4. Short hair
  5. Dishevelled hair

Cleopatra cut

One of the classic hairstyles with fringe is the Cleopatra hairstyle. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best haircuts to combine with a nice fringe. If you want to be fashionable, you must reinvent this classic cut with a cut that falls just above the eyebrows. Also, do not style your hair so that it's completely straight and limp - add a touch of volume by pointing the ends inwards. This gives roundness to this traditionally square cut. Reinvent a classic with this unique haircut with fringe.

Best Haircuts with a Fringe - Cleopatra cut

Asymmetrical cut

A bob haircut is ideal for reviving the 70s era. This type of cut plays with the length of hair in an asymmetrical manner on both sides. The back should be short and the front should get longer as it nears the face. It is important that you get the haircut right for the desired results. You can accompany a Bob cut with a straight fringe, especially if you have an oval face.

Best Haircuts with a Fringe - Asymmetrical cut

Long hair

If you want long hair, we recommend feathering it for a natural look and movement. For this type of cut, you can opt for a straightbut also a natural fringe. Just let it natural and give it some movement. We recommend not using too much of the hairdryer or straighteners - choose instead to let it air dry.

With long or medium hair, you could also try a voluminous fringe. This look is bang-on trend, cool and casual. Give your hair a quick dry with a hairdryer and use the straighteners a little so that your hair looks a bit longer than usual, especially the sides.

Another good option is to play with the parting. Go for a side parting and sweep your short fringe to one side so that it contrasts nicely with the rest of your hair. This is a flattering look if you can see the strands of fringe well. Play with the volume of your fringe to give it movement and make it look natural.

Best Haircuts with a Fringe - Long hair

Short hair

What better way to decorate your face than with a nice fringe, especially if you want to cut your hair. If your hair is curly or wavy, a side fringe is a safe bet as it will give you an irresistibly chic air. Remember that a straight fringe with short hair can create a bowl-like visual effect. Play with the length of the strands to add more interest. You could even go for a subtle look and cover one eye with your fringe.

On the other hand, if your hair is very short and blunt with a masculine feel, a fringe will add a touch of femininity. Style your hair so that your fringe takes centre stage in your look. To do this, go for a long and preferably straight fringe. Leave the top layer of your hair longer and cut you hair much lower. You'll look fabulous if you style it so it's straight and if you fix it in place with some gel or hairspray making sure not one hair is out of place.

If you don't want your fringe across your face, go for an extreme cut with just a few whispy strands to make to accompany it and make it stand out. A middle parting is recommended if it suits your type of face. This type of cut is ideal for small faces.

Best Haircuts with a Fringe - Short hair

Dishevelled hair

No doubt the latest trend is tousled hair. Give a rock chick and rebellious air to your look with a natural, dishevelled hair. Go for a layered cut with plenty of volume. As for the fringe, keep it long and dishevelled for this look. Dishevelled hair gives gives your image an air of untidiness, despite having spent hours achieving it. You'll look as if you've just got out of bed. Don't you think that's sexy?

Best Haircuts with a Fringe - Dishevelled hair

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Best Haircuts with a Fringe