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Benefits Of Basil Leaves For Skin

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: July 9, 2020
Benefits Of Basil Leaves For Skin

Abundantly found in India, basil is believed to be the ‘King of Herbs’, its translation from the Greek meaning "kingly" or "royal". Considered to be a holy plant, it can be found growing in almost every Indian household. For centuries, it is known to heal the body, mind and spirit, but recently it has been found to provide benefits to our skin health as well. Commonly known as ‘Tulsi’ in India, it contains a whole load of antioxidants and a wide range of adaptogenic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. As far as skin health is concerned, basil leaves have immense benefits. Read this oneHOWTO article to get information about the benefits of basil leaves for skin.

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  1. Prevents pimples and acne
  2. Lightens skin scars
  3. Prevents blackheads
  4. Adds to the face glow
  5. Treats ringworms and skin infections
  6. Prevents inflammation
  7. Tautens skin pores
  8. Promotes healing
  9. Heals burns, cuts and wounds
  10. Treats Vitiligo
  11. Relieves itching
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Prevents pimples and acne

Basil leaves have blood purifying properties through which they remove toxins from the body and prevent outburst of pimples and acne. They have antifungal and antibacterial properties also. Since acne is caused due to bacterial overgrowth, the antibacterial properties of basil can be extremely helpful in treating the condition.

According to a 2013 study, it is believed to stop growth of certain bacteria that has developed resistance to antibiotics[1]. One particularly nasty strain is E. Coli which may grow further resistance to some antibiotics. So, even if medicines are not working for you, basil leaves may help. Anti-inflammatory property in basil leaves help in reducing swelling of the pimples, particularly if you are suffering from cystic acne. You can prevent inflammation of pimples by applying a paste of basil leaves on them.

Lightens skin scars

Applying a paste of Tulsi and besan is a popular remedy to get rid of skin scars, marks and spots. Pick some fresh basil leaves, add some besan to it, apply carefully an even layer of this paste on your face, allow it to dry and then wash off. If you apply this face mask regularly, your scars will be lightened and you will soon get an even and clean skin tone very soon. Besan also has skin whitening effects which remove scars and black spots from your skin. Tulsi is effective in killing bacteria that results in acne as well.

Prevents blackheads

Black heads are caused due to clogging of the skin pores due to excess production of oils. They appear as tiny black dots on the nose, chin and cheeks. They form when skin oils oxidize and turns black in color. No matter how much you rub, massage and clean your skin, you find no way to make them go. But application of basil leaves can be extremely efficient in preventing the occurrence of blackheads, and even removing them. Apply water on one side of a basil leaf and place it on the area for 5 minutes. Then take it off and rinse with water. Another method is to boil some water with basil leaves in it, let it cool down and then use this solution as a toner. Doing this regularly will prevent the appearance of blackheads and even remove them from your face.

Benefits Of Basil Leaves For Skin - Prevents blackheads

Adds to the face glow

Basil leaves have excellent fungicidal, disinfectant and germicidal properties. They also have an antibacterial property which help in curing acne, pimples and eczema. Topical application of basil leaves on your skin help in removing excess oils from your skin, and giving it a cooling and soothing effect. Grind dry basil leaves to make a fine powder, store it overnight and mix fuller’s earth in it. Apply this powder carefully on your face, leave for 15 minutes and then wash off.

People with dry skin can mix some curd in this powder. This powder will help in scraping off dead skin cells, leaving you with soft and smooth skin. It will exfoliate your skin, add glow to your face and remove any dark spots from your skin too.

Treats ringworms and skin infections

The antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial properties of basil prohibit the growth of E. Coli, but also the B-anthracis bacterium. Grind and boil basil leaves (only for a minute or two). Add the same weight, not size, of sesame seed oil and apply it on your skin to relieve itching. Grind some basil leaves, add a few drops of lemon juice to it and apply it on your skin for the treatment of ringworm.

Prevents inflammation

Basil leaves also exhibit antimicrobial properties against a variety of bacteria, molds, viruses and yeasts. This means can provide added protection against a variety of skin irritations and infections, such as candida bacteria known to cause yeast infections as well as others. Application of fresh basil juice on the skin can reduce inflammation and provide instant relief. You can also make a paste of basil leaves, rose water and sandalwood paste, and apply it on your face to prevent inflammation.

Tautens skin pores

If you have blemishes on your skin, basil leaves can find a way to help them fade. Make a face pack by mixing Tulsi leaves paste and one egg white together. Don't add a yolk, but save it to make custard or mayonnaise. Rub this mixture on your face gently while concentrating on the problematic areas. Let this pack sit for 20 minutes and then scrub off carefully. It will tauten your skin pores and prevent infection that causes acne and pimples, helping overall skin health.

Promotes healing

Whether it is acne, skin infection, inflammation, a wound or any other skin problem, basil leaves can actually accelerate the healing process. Boil basil leaves in mustard oil until all the oil turns black in color. Let the mixture cool, strain it and apply carefully on an infected part of your skin. Wash off gently with cool water after the skin has been treated, you don't want to cause new issues. This concoction will promote healing, relieve inflammation and benefit your skin in the long run[2].

Heals burns, cuts and wounds

Basil leaves can be helpful in soothing pain caused due to skin burn, fighting infection, aiding in skin repair, and preventing any scar tissue formation. Vitamin content in basil leaves is also helpful in accelerating the recovery process after the burn, cut or wound. Dry basil leaves in shade, add some alum to it, grind in a blender and sieve. Store this powder in a glass bottle, and apply it on your cuts, burns and wounds. This topical powder will alleviate any pain caused due to burns, and also relieve inflammation. When used as a compress and applied on the burn area, it provides instant relief and prevents formation of blisters.

Benefits Of Basil Leaves For Skin - Heals burns, cuts and wounds

Treats Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disease that is characterized by white skin patches caused due to decreased pigmentation. Regular consumption of basil leaves is known to cure vitiligo and decrease the size of white patches on the skin. Vitiligo patients are often recommended to eat 5 basil leaves raw every day. You may also take a handful of basil leaves, extract juice from them, add equal amount of lime juice in it, apply it on the affected areas, leave for 20 minutes and then wash off. Do this thrice a day for 6 months to receive best results. Basil leaves are known to enhance melanin pigmentation growth on the skin, thus helping in treating vitiligo.

Relieves itching

Basil leaves have amazing skin soothing properties that help in relieving itching, whether it is caused due to acne, dandruff, insect bites, skin infection, allergies, a wound or any other skin condition which may affect your skin health. Drink tea with basil leaves boiled in it for overall soft, smooth and moisturized skin. You may also rub wet basil leaves on the areas of your skin that itch. You will receive a quick relief instantly. You may also apply a mixture of lemon juice and basil leaves to relieve itching.

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Benefits Of Basil Leaves For Skin