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How to Lighten Your Hair with Lemon Juice

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 24, 2022
How to Lighten Your Hair with Lemon Juice

If you're looking for a simple and completely natural way to lighten your hair, lemon is one of the ingredients that you can use to do this. The juice from this citrus fruit can help you tone down your hair and create very nice golden highlights in no time, so you don't need to expose your hair to aggressive shop-bought dyes or other hair bleaching lotions. Read carefully and discover how to lighten your hair with lemon juice.

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Steps to follow:


Lemon is considered one of the best existing natural lighteners and, therefore, is used in many cosmetic treatments to reduce dark spots on the skin to achieve a more even and beautiful skin tone. But in addition to using it on your skin, it is also a good hair lightener, giving it beautiful, subtle golden highlights without needing to resort to aggressive colors or dyes.

How to Lighten Your Hair with Lemon Juice - Step 1

To lighten your hair with lemon juice, you will need to prepare a hair rinse for which you need: 3 ripe lemons, 1 liter of mineral water and a teaspoon of regular table salt. Making it is very simple, first juice the three lemons by squeezing them and straining the juice that comes out to remove any pulp or seeds.

How to Lighten Your Hair with Lemon Juice - Step 2

Afterwards, pour this lemon juice into a bowl. Add the water and the salt, and stir so that all ingredients are well mixed. You can leave the mixture in the same bowl or, if you prefer, pour it into a spray bottle to spray onto the hair.


How do I apply the lemon juice mixture onto my hair? Piece of cake! First, wash your hair with your regular shampoo as you normally do, and once you've rinsed it out, apply the lemon mixture evenly throughout your hair. Spread it from the scalp to the ends of your hair and make sure you massage it well into your hair. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. To make your hair softer, you can use a conditioner after rinsing.


If you want to see the results quicker and see how your hair gets that natural and flattering golden tone, the best thing to do is let your hair dry in the sun because the direct impact of UV rays will speed up the process.

Remember that both lemon citrus acids and UV rays can dry out your hair and can damage the hair fiber, so it is best not to use this lightening treatment more than once a week. To prevent your hair from suffering and looking damaged, don't forget to nourish it with a good moisturizing mask after using these home remedies.


Now that you know how to lighten your hair with lemon juice, you might be interested to know the different uses of this citrus fruit in the world of beauty, as it is also a good ally to improve acne skin, treat oily skin, rejuvenate the face, fight dandruff and lighten facial hair. Discover how to apply it for all these applications in the following articles:

How to Lighten Your Hair with Lemon Juice - Step 6

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How to Lighten Your Hair with Lemon Juice