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How To Lighten Hair Naturally

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Lighten Hair Naturally

Changing your hair color is something that all girls want to try at one point or another, either to make themselves more attractive or simply to try a different look. We usually resort to commercial dyes to do this which, in the long run, often damage the hair by making it more brittle and rough. That's why at OneHowTo we show you some great alternatives that can be used to lighten hair naturally whilst keeping it looking healthy, strong and shiny.

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Steps to follow:


Lemon. Lemon rinses are one of the most common ways to lighten hair naturally and give it a brighter tone. To do this, we recommend squeezing three lemons and straining the juice well to get rid of any seeds or pulp. Then dilute the lemon juice in a pint of water. Once ready, soak your hair with the liquid and leave on for about 30 minutes. Ideally, let the hair dry in the sun for faster results. Finally, wash your hair as you would normally and try to hydrate it well with a mask so it doesn't dry out.

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How To Lighten Hair Naturally - Step 1

Chamomile. As we know, chamomile is a highly potent natural ingredient that can be used to effectively lighten the hair. It is also is a safer method since it protects the natural state of the hair. A great method is to make a chamomile infusion, wait for it to cool and then soak the hair with the liquid. Once dry, wash the hair well with shampoo and follow with a good conditioner to keep it moisturized.

How To Lighten Hair Naturally - Step 2

Egg and beer. As well as the first two options, which are the more traditional methods, using a mixture of egg and beer has also become a popular way to lighten hair naturally. To make it, simply beat an egg white together with a little alcohol-free beer and apply the mixture all over the hair. Then rinse and wash your hair as usual, you'll see how your hair has some really great highlights.

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How To Lighten Hair Naturally - Step 3

Honey. Honey contains nourishing properties that are very beneficial for the hair, giving it a silkier texture and incredible shine. It can also serve as a natural hair lightener. Add two tablespoons of honey to your conditioner and apply to your hair, leaving it on for 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. You will notice your hair healthier and nourished.

How To Lighten Hair Naturally - Step 4

Another trick you can use to lighten your hair is to add chamomile infusion and lemon juice to the hair mask you usually use. Keep the mixture in a tightly closed container, and apply to hair after washing, leaving it on for 5 or 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

How To Lighten Hair Naturally - Step 5

Beer. It may come as a surprise but beer is ideal to lighten your hair naturally. You only need one can of alcohol-free beer. Wash your hair as normal and after rinsing, gently massage the beer into your hair.

Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash out using plenty of water. Once you've dried your hair, you should notice beautiful golden highlights, though the intensity will depend on your hair color.

How To Lighten Hair Naturally - Step 6

Rhubarb. Another option for lightening your hair naturally, especially in the summer, is to use rhubarb, a plant which you can very easily grow at home. Chop up a quarter of a cup of rhubarb and mix with 2 cups of water. Boil it and then leave to cool.

When cooled, apply to the hair and leave it in for approximately 10 minutes. Rinse well with water.

How To Lighten Hair Naturally - Step 7

There are numerous hair products for lightening hair on the market. There are also shampoos and lotions with chamomile which are very popular among girls with light hair for achieving this effect and giving the hair more shine.

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  • It is not advisable to use these methods too often because they can damage the hair.
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How To Lighten Hair Naturally