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Sacred Geometry Tattoos and Their Meanings

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. July 26, 2018
Sacred Geometry Tattoos and Their Meanings

You will find geometry apparent in almost every aspect of nature. If you look closely, you can notice how much nature revolves around geometry and patterns, think about this next time you take a look at a snowflake or a pine cone. If you are interested in getting a tattoo which holds deeper significance than just looking good, we recommend looking into the symbolism behind some geometric tattoos. Geometric tattoos are perhaps one of the oldest known tattoo patterns to be used, and hold deep roots and significance in: religion, spirituality and beliefs.

Since these tattoo designs are deeply rooted in beliefs and superstitions, they may have different interpretations. Some may find them appealing and visually attractive, while others choose to tattoo these designs for their hidden meaning and symbolism. Here at oneHOWTO, we want to help you decide which tattoo you should get, by discussing sacred geometry tattoos and their meanings.

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  1. Know Before Getting a Sacred Geometry Tattoo
  2. Symbolism of Sacred Geometry Tattoos
  3. Popular Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs

Know Before Getting a Sacred Geometry Tattoo

There are many geometry tattoos which are linked to religious beliefs and have a lot of meaning attached to them. Geometric tattoos are symmetrical and are made using geometrical patterns and shapes, like circles, squares and triangles. Some people choose to get geometric tattoos without really understanding what they mean, and in some cases this can prove to be problematic. For example, imagine getting a tattoo and only later realizing it represents something negative with which you don't want to associate yourself with.

If, however, you have made up your mind on getting a sacred or specific geometry tattoo, then be sure that you get it done by a talented and experienced tattoo artist. The reason for this is that such designs are often complicated and difficult to do, especially with the combination of: line thickness, accuracy, dots and shading. Even a slight deviation of the pattern can affect the whole tattoo design.

Another thing you need to remember is the thickness of lines in the tattoo. The thicker your lines are, the bolder your tattoo will look. If you want to get something vibrant and bold, then we suggest choosing a tattoo design with bolder lines. You can also choose from an entire range of colors. 3D designs are also very popular at the moment.

Symbolism of Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Sacred geometry tattoos are not only symbolic, but as we have already mentioned, they are sacred and religious too. Most geometric patterns have different meanings attached to them. For instance:

  • A tetrahedron represents fire.
  • A cube represents earth.
  • An icosahedron represents water.
  • An octahedron represents air.
  • A dodecahedron represents spirit.

Many people believe that such tattoos, can bring you both health and healing. People say that these symbols inked on your body can help in balancing out and bringing harmony to your well-being. These tattoo designs are often used as a from of body amulets. According to many cultural beliefs, geometric tattoo designs hold magical powers that are effective in promoting healing.

Sacred Geometry Tattoos and Their Meanings - Symbolism of Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Popular Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs

  • Flower of life: The flower of life is a very common geometrical tattoo design that consists of a number of evenly placed overlapping circles put together in a pattern, in the end, replicating a flower. The flower of life is famous worldwide among architects, artists and philosophers for its perfect proportion, form and harmony. In pagan context, it is believed to have basic information about all living beings, and represents the connection between life running through all existent things in the world. It contains important meaning in ancient history, and you would find it in a number of artwork, temples and manuscripts across different global cultures, including Ancient Egypt and in Leonardo Da Vinci's journals.
  • Mandala: Among the many sacred geometry tattoo designs, Mandala's are one of the most alluring and most popular. In Buddhist context, it is a way of sharpening your focus. The floral or geometric design of the Mandala draws your concentration into the center and helps you in your meditation practices. While Mandala's were originally used for meditation and religious art purposes, they have become increasingly popular among tattoo enthusiasts.
  • Metatron's Cube: A metratron cube is a geometric shape that comprises of 13 circles. The lines from each circle’s center extend out to the center of the rest of the 12 circles. This pattern is believed to contain every shape to ever exist in this universe. These shapes work as building blocks for all physical things. In Islam, Judaism and Christianity: Archangel Metatron was a powerful angel who was allowed to sit in heaven. This was a privilege reserved only for God. His job was to record the good and bad deeds by mankind and watch the energy flow into a mystical cube. In addition to its religious significance, Metatron’s Cube is also symbolizes protection from demons.
  • Yin Yang: The Ying Yang symbol originates in Chinese philosophy and religion. It comprises of two halves that join together to complete oneness. Yin is the dark swirl that and relates to femininity and shadows, while the yang is the light swirl that represents passion, growth and brightness. Every element in nature, and every being on this earth, has traces of good and bad. Note that each swirl has a dot of the opposite color in it, which indicates that nothing can exist alone. Every good has something bad in it and vice versa. This symbol aims to show that we need to bring together all the elements to achieve balance in our lives. Instead of a simple Ying Yang symbol, there are slight variations that can also make the symbol visually more appealing.
  • Geometric Deer: The beauty and grace of a deer has attracted the human imagination for centuries. These creatures have found their way into a number of cave drawings. A deer symbolically represents a number of elements, including motherhood, kindness and gentleness. It is lustful, fertile and virile, and embodies nobility, rebirth, peace, love, benevolence, intelligence and family. Sacred geometry tattoos, when combined with deers or other animals can symbolize different meanings, including gentleness, motherly love and a deep relationship with nature.
  • Gordian Knot: This knot symbol emphasizes the difficulty one has to face while untangling life. It symbolizes struggle, reflection and insight. Everyone’s life has a knot that can be untangled to solve difficulties. It may also symbolize a packet of energy that has yet to be freed . There are other designs, like the endless knot, celtic knot, solomon’s seal etc., which hold similar significance

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Sacred Geometry Tattoos and Their Meanings