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How to Wear Hair Jewelry for Short Hair

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: March 30, 2017
How to Wear Hair Jewelry for Short Hair

Short hairstyles are winning on the polls as more women are choosing to chop their hair off for a more sophisticated, polished and comfortable look. Longer hairstyles can be beautifully braided and long hair tied up in an elegant knot is always a sure bet. However, if you want to rock a short haircut, accessories are your new best friends. Hair jewelry can help you add some feminine touches to your new hairstyle, which may work miraculously if you are dressing up for a special night out or an important event.

In this OneHowTo article we share several ideas on how to wear hair jewelry on short hair.

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  1. Statement hair clip
  2. Gemstone headband
  3. Hair chains
  4. Jeweled hair pins

Statement hair clip

While there are many short hairstyles, one that has expanded fairly quickly among the female clientèle is the short bob hairstyle. This is a chic and trendy hairstyle with a graduation that is shorter on the back and the bangs are parted to one side.

Since the cut is already bold you are looking for a simple yet equally powerful accessory. We recommend you choose a statement hair clip and that you use it to pull your bangs back. It will add some personality and character. Alternatively, you can place it on the other side of your head by sweeping your hair on this side back.

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How to Wear Hair Jewelry for Short Hair - Statement hair clip

Gemstone headband

Many girls stop wearing headbands when they reach a certain age; but not only small girls can rock a gemstone headband. The truth is that a delicate and antique looking headband can bring some finesse to your look.

We suggest you head for a minimalist headband piece that will add some shine and sparkles without overdoing the look. You can swipe your hair back or place it at mid head length letting your bangs fall forward.

How to Wear Hair Jewelry for Short Hair - Gemstone headband

Hair chains

After cuting a few inches off your locks and shooking things up, why not take it even further? Like famous celebrities such as Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian, you will absolutely become in love with hair chain pieces. These accessories traditionally worn by Indian women, have becomes the likes of women willing to wear jewelry on their head.

You may choose a simple hair chain that falls like a bandana over your forehead or go all in with a daring look by choosing a full set piece that falls gracefully over your sides. These accessories suit longer bob hairstyles parted in the middle.

How to Wear Hair Jewelry for Short Hair - Hair chains

Jeweled hair pins

More often than never, more is less. Sometimes going simple and minimum with hair accessories will actually add to the look instead of taking away from it. There are many types of jeweled hair pins that can add a glittery element without driving attention away from the haircut itself and will give you that fashionable retro 90s hairstyle too.

Pick a few strands of hair and pin them back artfully with a couple of pins. Alternatively, work on pinning a few on one strand of hair. Perhaps, you prefer to just use a bigger hair pin with a bolder design and combine it with a few other smaller ones. This accessory idea will blend in beautifully with short curly hair styles.

How to Wear Hair Jewelry for Short Hair - Jeweled hair pins

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How to Wear Hair Jewelry for Short Hair