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How to Curl Short Hair without Heat

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: March 30, 2017
How to Curl Short Hair without Heat

Curls suit all hair lengths, types and colors, but curling your hair with blow dryers and curling irons can expose your tresses to significant damage. Curling hair with heat can prove to be immensely destructive for your hair. So, you need to know how to curl short hair without heat. We have already told you How to straighten hair without irons or heat. Here at, we will tell you about some inexpensive and easy ways to curl your hair without applying any heat at all.

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  1. Roller curls
  2. Natural wave curls
  3. Light wave curls
  4. Twist curls
  5. Vintage curls

Roller curls

To curl short hair without heat, buy rollers from a beauty shop and use them to get the perfect curls you always longed for. Big rollers create lengthy, big curls, while small rollers create short, small curls. Remove any tangles after washing the hair, take a small section of your hair and roll it up on one of the rollers. Attach in place following manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat with all hair strands, and leave them for 3-4 hours. Now, carefully take the rollers out and get amazing curls in return.

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How to Curl Short Hair without Heat - Roller curls

Natural wave curls

Comb out the tangles after washing and conditioning the hair, and pat dry with a towel. While the hair is still damp, braid them into two equal pigtails and fasten their ends with a rubber band or a hair tie. If you want a natural look, pull each braid apart gently with your fingers and loosen them a little bit. If you want loose waves, make one single braid at the back instead of making two separate braids, though this won't be possible if you have very short hair. If you want tighter curls, divide your hair into 3-4 sections and make a braid with each one. Make sure you braid your hair from the root.

Leave these braids for 3-4 hours. Now, remove the ties and unbraid the hair. Run your fingers through the hair to create natural waves. This the method you can use to get Kristen Stewart hairstyle.

How to Curl Short Hair without Heat - Natural wave curls

Light wave curls

Shampoo your hair or at least wet them with water. Brush it thoroughly and separate your hair in two equal sections. Twist each section separately, and make two buns on both sides of your head. Leave them in place for 4-5 hours, or overnight, and then open them. You will have light waves hanging from your sides. If your hair is very short, make small buns and tie them with special plastic hair bands.

Twist curls

After washing, comb your hair and part them into two separate sections. Twist one section tightly, and pin it on top of your head using a small dip. You may use hair ties instead of pins as well. Repeat on the other section as well. Let the hair dry for 4-6 hours, then remove the dips to get spiral, messy curls.

Vintage curls

Wet your hair and wear a soft elastic headband that you use to keep hair out of face. Take small sections of your hair, and wrap each separately around the headband. You can use hair pins to fix the ends of the strands. Continue until all sections have been wrapped around the band. Leave as it is for 4-5 hours to allow the hair to dry completely. Now, unpin all sections of the hair and let them curl down. Shake out the curls and keep them in place by spraying some hair spray or mousse. Once you have curled your hair, you can take a look at these Cute Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair

How to Curl Short Hair without Heat - Vintage curls

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How to Curl Short Hair without Heat