How To Use Vaseline Instead Of Mascara

By Sheetal B. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Use Vaseline Instead Of Mascara

Vaseline or petroleum jelly is one of the most common things you might expect to find in your bathroom cabinet. Of the many healing properties that Vaseline has, do you know it can also be used as a quick fix cosmetic?

It is amazing how a dab of simple Vaseline can sometimes do the job that an expensive makeup item usually does! Put your money away and let OneHowTo explain how you can use Vaseline instead of Mascara.

Using Vaseline as Mascara On Eyelashes

There are several ways in which Vaseline can be useful for eyelashes. It makes lashes look darker and naturally glossy. It instantly gives the impression that the person has applied mascara. It also makes eyelashes grow longer and softer and delays their falling off to some extent. It is cheap and easily available over the counter at medical and departmental stores. Vaseline gives a more sober look appropriate for more subtle make up. It also acts as a base for applying mascara by some who wish to have darker eyelashes for more glamorous evening makeup. If you want to avoid using make-up for whatever reason, Vaseline is a great alternative to mascara.

How To Use Vaseline Instead Of Mascara - Using Vaseline as Mascara On Eyelashes

Important Tips for Using Vaseline as Mascara

It is important that you clean your eyes properly before applying Vaseline. Doing this clears the pores from oil secreting glands and prevents a build up of oils around the eyes that can make the eyes appear puffy. Also make sure to wipe out and clean at the end of the day. Some people like to use Vaseline at night instead of using during day to avoid the possible discomforts associated with it. Though most cosmetic and medical products are tested for use, each individual may react differently to the use of any product. It is best to test for allergy on a patch of skin before applying on eyelashes.


Drawbacks Of Using Vaseline For Eyelashes

Applying Vaseline can cause any other make up on the eyes to smudge. So if you are applying an eyeliner and eye shadow as well, take extra care to not overdo the Vaseline on the lashes. Also, if the person wears glasses, the Vaseline from the eyelashes can rub off on the glass too; yes it is likely! If outdoors, Vaseline will attract dust particles to settle on the eyelashes which can cause eye irritation. In other cases, a person already battling oily skin would not be advised to use Vaseline like this as it can lead to acne or eye infection due to clogged pores and may need medical attention in severe cases.

Though it cannot be concluded that Vaseline is a complete mascara substitute, it does the job pretty well in terms of appearance if you find yourself without mascara!

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How To Use Vaseline Instead Of Mascara
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How To Use Vaseline Instead Of Mascara

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