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How to Treat Burnt Hair from Bleach

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Treat Burnt Hair from Bleach

Bleached hair looks beautiful on celebrities and often serves as an inspiration for girls and boys. But what they don’t know is that the beautiful bleached hairs of celebrities are a result of careful maintenance. It is a well known fact that bleaching damages and burns the hair by stripping off the natural moisture. This in turn makes the hairso brittle that it feels like straw and breaks easily.

If you have already damaged your hair by bleaching and are looking for some simple solutions then here is a list of cures through which you can know how to treat burnt hair from bleach.

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  1. No shampoo for at least 1 week
  2. Do not blow dry
  3. Use a boar bristle brush
  4. Say no to flat iron
  5. Give your tresses nourishing oil massage
  6. Mayonnaise makeover
  7. Deep conditioner

No shampoo for at least 1 week

Since bleaching strips your hair of natural oil and moisture, shampooing your precious tresses will only make it worse. Give your burnt hair a week’s rest and after a week shampoo your hair only with those shampoos which do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Opt for a herbal shampoo containing no harsh chemical.

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Do not blow dry

Blow drying your burnt hair will make it more brittle than ever. If you are always in a rush in the morning then wash your hair at night and let it dry naturally.

How to Treat Burnt Hair from Bleach - Do not blow dry

Use a boar bristle brush

It is important to brush your hair regularly to keep it healthy and radiant. In the case of damaged hair from bleach, it is important to brush it with the appropriate brush, here in particular the best will be to use a boar bristle brush. Boar bristle brushes take the scalp oil and distribute it evenly on your hair till the tip. So, use a boar bristle brush to spread the natural oil over your burnt hair.

Say no to flat iron

Since bleaching has already burnt your hair, using a flat iron on it will definitely create irreparable damage. So, DON’T use flat iron even if you use heat protection atleast for 2-3 weeks. You can start using it again once your hair regains its strength and luster.

How to Treat Burnt Hair from Bleach - Say no to flat iron

Give your tresses nourishing oil massage

Coconut oil and extra virgin oil works best for hot oil massage to repair your burnt hair. You can add any other oil of your choice too.

Mix the oils in a bowl and microwave it for 2 minutes. Cool it for a bit and then massage the warm oil on your scalp. Massage it so that the oil mixture is spread evenly from root to tip. Let the hair rest for atleast 30 minutes after massage and then wash it with a mild shampoo followed by a deep nourishing conditioner.

Give your burnt hair the oil massage for atleast 3 times a week and soon it will be back in its former glory.

How to Treat Burnt Hair from Bleach - Give your tresses nourishing oil massage

Mayonnaise makeover

Mayonnaise contains eggs, vinegar and oil which works wonder for your damaged hair and moreover it is hassle free as you do not need to mix it with anything. Just take your regular mayo liberally and spread it all over your hair covering root to tip. Then cover your head with a shower cap and let it rest for atleast 30 minutes. Then wash it with a mild shampoo and condition it.

Deep conditioner

Use a deep conditioner of your choice once a week. The conditioner should be such that it can penetrate the deepest layer of your hair and moisturize the burnt hair.

A simple DIY for deep conditioning using homemade ingredients: 2 eggs, 1 spoon vegetable oil, 1 spoon extra virgin olive oil and 2 spoon water. Mix it and apply it as hair mask.

Another idea is to use ripe banana. Smash a ripe banana and then add a spoon of natural honey, 3 spoons of jojoba oil and 3 spoons of yogurt. Make a smooth paste and apply it as hair mask.

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How to Treat Burnt Hair from Bleach