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How to Remove Spots from the Crotch Area

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Remove Spots from the Crotch Area

Although mostly hidden, spots on the crotch are very annoying and anti-aesthetic. Hair removal is, especially for women, an important step in making us feel radiant and ready to show ourselves off to the world, but hair removal also has its consequences. In summer, as we spend a long time in our bikinis or bathing suits, it is important to know how to remove spots from the crotch area, though these OneHowTo tips are good for any time of year. The best thing is prevention, but if you already have a spot do not worry because there is a solution.

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Steps to follow:


First things first: what are the causes of spots in the bikini area? Basically there are two motives: first, the irritation caused by dryness of the skin during hair removal, if the area is not treated with a moisturiser or exfoliated it is natural that spots appear. The second reason is folliculitis, hairs that fail to surface, become trapped and generate a spot.


The first piece of advice from OneHowTo is to never pop spots in the crotch. We know it is tempting but it is the worst thing that you can do to your skin. The infection can spread and you might end up with even more spots than before.


Use an exfoliating glove daily, indifferently to whether or not you have spots at that time. This is a special glove used to remove dead cell layers, and with them some spots will also disappear. And most importantly, less spots will appear. Furthermore, with this method we also exfoliate the area so it is a good way to prevent ingrown hairs and their resulting spots.

How to Remove Spots from the Crotch Area - Step 3

Exfoliation is the base from which we will resolve our doubts regarding how to remove spots from the crotch area. It is very important to exfoliate your skin as this practice cleans the skin and prevents it from having imperfections. Another type of exfoliating product will be any that contains glycolic acid: with it your skin will be smoother and it is also another formula that will help you get rid of annoying spots.

How to Remove Spots from the Crotch Area - Step 4

If we look into possibilities using home remedies to remove spots from the crotch our options widen as there are many. For example, cucumber is very effective: crush into a paste, spread on the area and leave on for 30 minutes. It will hydrate the skin, which is the key to eliminating spots.

Another good product is tomato. Its action opens the pores of the skin, making it much easier to remove spots through a simple exfoliation or moisturising.

How to Remove Spots from the Crotch Area - Step 5

Remember to choose your hair removal method well. The fewer times you have to wax the bikini area the less spots will appear and the faster you will be able to remove those that you already have. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a hair removal method that lasts longer, such as waxing.

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How to Remove Spots from the Crotch Area