How to Make Your Own Highlighter at Home

By Mary Smith. Updated: October 16, 2020
How to Make Your Own Highlighter at Home

Highlighter, or illuminator, has become one of the star products for both professional make-up artists and ordinary professionals who like to improve their image at home and look more attractive. Current trends go for contouring or baking, but also for a fresh-faced, natural look that enhances our own beauty.

No matter your approach, highlighter is key. It gives your skin the light you need to look radiant without thick layers of foundation. Besides those who can buy in stores, you can also make illuminator at home following a few simple steps. Stay with us at OneHowTo and we'll show you how to make your own highlighter at home with different recipes. Read on!

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How to make your own highlighter at home: Recipe 1

Illuminator, or highlighter, is a cosmetic that complements foundation perfectly. It is applied right after it to show off radiant, bright skin. There are different recipes available to make your own highlighter at home.

Our first recipe only requires foundation and eye shadow from your makeup box. Read this article if you want to make your own foundation - you won't need to visit the cosmetics store in a long time.



  1. Add a small amount of foundation to the jar you'll use to store your homemade illuminator. It may be sufficient with 1 or 2 teaspoons, but you can add more depending on how much quantity you want to get.
  2. With the orange stick, scratch a bit of eye shadow into a fine powder and add it to the jar. Note that if you choose a silvery shade, the highlighter will be more intense than if you choose a white color.
  3. Remove the two ingredients with the help of the orange stick or spatula.
  4. Check the shade you've obtained and add a little more eyeshadow or foundation according to your preferences.
  5. Spread a small amount of product on the back of your hand to check the tone and the final result.
How to Make Your Own Highlighter at Home - How to make your own highlighter at home: Recipe 1

How to make your own highlighter at home: Recipe 2

Unlike the previous recipe, this version of homemade highlighter is prepared with a facial moisturizer, so it will have a great nourishing effect for your skin. In order not to take unnecessary risks, it is better that to use your usual moisturizer, since you already know what suits your skin's needs.


  • Facial moisturizer
  • Light eyeshadow (it can be shimmery) in beige, white or silver.
  • Orange stick or small spatula.
  • Lidded jar.


  1. Place some facial moisturizer in the jar.
  2. Turn the chosen eyeshadow into fine powder. To do this, you just have to scratch off the surface of the makeup with the help of an orange stick.
  3. Blend well by mixing and turning.
  4. Check the tone of your new highlighter by applying a small quantity on the back of your hand and adjust the amounts if necessary.
How to Make Your Own Highlighter at Home - How to make your own highlighter at home: Recipe 2

How to apply illuminator

Now that you've made your own highlighter at home, you can use it whenever you want to give more freshness and light to your skin. Our advice is that you apply it when you notice that your face looks dull and shows signs of fatigue.

As discussed above, highlighter should be applied after unifying the skin tone with foundation. It is key to apply it strategically to illuminate those parts of your face that will make all the difference.

  • Eye area: Apply highlighter around the inner corner of your eyes, between the lacrimal and nasal septum, below and above the arch of the eyebrow and below the lower lashes in case you want to hide dark circles or eye bags.
  • Other areas of the face: You can also apply highlighter on top of the cheekbones, nostrils above the nasal septum, on the middle of the forehead and in the middle of the chin.

Place a small amount of highlighter in those areas and blend with a brush until you see that it is completely merged with the foundation that you have applied previously. For a more lasting effect, apply a light dusting of translucent powder all over the face.

If you want to find out more details to put your new homemade highlighter to good use, see the article on How to apply highlighter makeup and the Best makeup tricks to brighten your face.

How to Make Your Own Highlighter at Home - How to apply illuminator

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How to Make Your Own Highlighter at Home
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How to Make Your Own Highlighter at Home

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