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The Best Makeup Tricks To Brighten Your Face

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Best Makeup Tricks To Brighten Your Face

Sometimes a bad night, having a stressful day or being stressed is more than enough for our facial skin to end up looking dull and lifeless. If you want to fix this immediately, nothing is better than a good makeup trick that restores your skin's glow and the light it needs to look its best. Want to know how to use your cosmetics to achieve it? So, do not miss the next OneHowTo article that contains the best makeup tricks to brighten your face.

Steps to follow:


Have you tried the so-called flash lift vials? These contain an energizing fluid that illuminates your face almost instantaneously, they are also ideal for applying just before makeup due to the tightening effect it has on the skin. Try them and get them out especially on these days when your face looks more fatigued and tired as they are excellent to brighten your complexion.

The Best Makeup Tricks To Brighten Your Face - Step 1

Once you have thoroughly cleansed and moisturized, you can begin to implement the makeup tricks to illuminate your face. Start by applying concealer because it is a must to unify skin tone and hide those dark spots that reduce the skin's vitality, such as dark circles.

Apply just below the eyes, using soft touches of the fingertips ensuring that the product is perfectly integrated with your skin tone. Take a look at our article if you want to learn how to hide under eye bags with make up.

The Best Makeup Tricks To Brighten Your Face - Step 2

After concealer, apply a foundation that matches your skin tone and then it's time to use the cosmetic that is most effective at giving light and freshness to the face: the illuminator. You should apply it to the following places:

  • At the top of the cheekbones to highlight the cheeks.
  • On the nostrils.
  • In the centre of the forehead, drawing a small triangle and filling it in. Remember this step if your forehead is very prominent.
  • On the outside of the eye to lighten and enlarge your eyes.
  • On the bone beneath the eyebrow and just above it.
  • The upper lip and in the centre of the lower lip.
  • In the centre of the chin.
The Best Makeup Tricks To Brighten Your Face - Step 3
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Blend the illuminator in well and see how your face looks much more bright and beautiful. Finish up by adding a little blush to your cheeks with pink tones if your skin is light or peach if your complexion is darker. Cream blushers are spectacular for illuminating the face and providing greater durability.


The last of these makeup tips to brighten your face is to add some extra sparkle to your lips with a clear gloss or bright colors like pink and you'll be perfect!

The Best Makeup Tricks To Brighten Your Face - Step 5

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The Best Makeup Tricks To Brighten Your Face