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How to Fix Poorly Plucked Eyebrows

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Fix Poorly Plucked Eyebrows

Sometimes when we want to give a new look to our eyebrows to improve and enhance the shape of our eyes and face, we can accidentally go too far and remove too many hairs... the horror! But how do you fix it? The problem always occurs when we remove in excess i.e. when we remove too much from one and then they no longer look the same.

Having well shaped eyebrows that suit your eye shape and frames them is amongst the beauty tips that will best improve your appearance and make you more beautiful. No worries, it is easy to fix eyebrows with a little skill, patience and the right products. At we want to help you with practical solutions so that you know how to fix poorly plucked eyebrows.

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Steps to follow:


First, you need to be aware that removing eyebrow hairs requires time and technique. You'll want to avoid making the classic mistakes. So to clean up the shape that has already been made, only remove the hair that has grown outside of that established shape. It's important not to over do it and leave the eyebrows lacking symmetry and losing the shape we were trying to maintain. On the other hand, if I want to change the shape of the eyebrow and adapt it to our eye to create a more attractive appearance, it's important to plan what we want to achieve and follow a series of guidelines to make a success of our change.

Once we are clear about the way in which we want to shape our eyebrow we will mark this desired shape using an eyebrow or eye pencil. Make sure the shape is one that suits your face. Once marked, all that remains is to remove the excess hair located outside the drawn eyebrows that serve as template. We have to make sure that the two eyebrows are symmetrical and equal.

Little by little we eliminate the hair and decide as we go along whether we prefer them a bit thicker than what we have drawn or not, giving opportunity to rectify if prefer them thinner. Remember that it is easier to rectify by subtraction. Rushing is not a good thing, so choose a moment when you can concentrate and have enough time to devote to this task.

How to Fix Poorly Plucked Eyebrows - Step 1

If when that process is complete and we detect that they don't look good because there is excess hair remaining, we just have to keep removing more from the part where this excess is found, always comparing the two eyebrows to make them the same. If on the other hand we have removed too much we can fix this with make-up. The idea is to fill the gaps where the hair has been shaved in excess. To do this you need an eyebrow pencil or eye pencil in the colour closest to the tone of your eyebrows.

First go over the eyebrows with a pencil and fill the holes with thin strokes simulating hair. After this diffuse with a brow brush or, failing that, a toothbrush that you do not use. Another more risky option is to refine the eyebrow and make the other finer, equalizing them. All this depends on how fine it will be, because very thin eyebrows are not usually flattering and are not fashionable. But if your result is not very thin they can give an air of sophistication and elegance.


Finally, remember these series of tips that will help you have a beautiful eyebrows and improve their appearance.

  • Do not try to do your eyebrows in haste, dedicate to time necessary to pluck these properly and look perfect.
  • Ideally, you should have a pencil in the colour of your eyebrows, a sharpener for a more precise application, good tweezers, a magnifying mirror, eyebrow brush or a toothbrush that you no longer use and adequate lighting so you can see well, better if this is natural light.
  • Remember to disinfect the skin around the eyebrows before and after plucking.
  • Double check your eyebrows so that they are symmetrical and remove gradually to give you time to rectify.
  • First of all, plan how you want to shape them. Remember that it should be consistent with the shape of your eyes.
  • After waxing, it is beneficial to apply some ice in the area to reduce inflammation and the redness that is generated when plucking.
  • Remember that the eyebrow hair takes about three or four weeks to grow, so soon the problem will be resolved.

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How to Fix Poorly Plucked Eyebrows