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How to Make My Eyebrows Look Thicker

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make My Eyebrows Look Thicker

Eyebrows are a part of the face that enhances your facial features. Furthermore, they frame your face and draw attention to your eyes, so we must keep them maintained. If you have thin eyebrows, either naturally or due to excess plucking, and you want to increase their thickness, pay attention to this article. At OneHowTo.com we explain how to make your eyebrows look thicker. While there are some natural products that will stimulate growth, in this article we recommend using some cosmetic products to achieve thicker eyebrows quickly, so that you will get Cara Delevingne eyebrows in no time. Take note!

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Steps to follow:


Stimulate growth. To get more bushy brows naturally, we suggest you apply olive oil every day before going to sleep. With this, you wet the hair follicles and stimulate natural hair growth in your eyebrows, as well as keeping it healthy. Add oil to a cotton ball or swab and gently rub your eyebrows. The next morning wash your face well to remove the dirt.


Look at your eyebrows. Find out which areas are less populated and so you know where you need to hide more. Comb the eyebrows upwards with a special brush, you will find them in any store cosmetics.


Pencil liner. The fastest way to make your eyebrows look thicker is to use a pencil. Find a colour that fits the tone of your natural hair, although brown works best because it's not too dark and it will mask the gaps of your eyebrows naturally.

How to Make My Eyebrows Look Thicker - Step 3

Paint your eyebrows. Remember: you're not painting a picture. If you do not want your natural filler being noticed, make small marks with facial pencil in your eyebrows. It is best to make them soft and bottom-up like you're painting hair by hair. Learn how to apply makeup to your eyebrows in this OneHowTo.com article.


If you have very marked holes in your eyebrows, we recommend using a small brush and some eyeshadow. With this you will fill your eyebrows. Choose the colour well, it must be slightly darker than the colour of your hair tone. Do not use shadows with glitter. Apply the shadow from the inside out, that is, your nose to the ear. Use only your natural eyebrow, not above or below it.

How to Make My Eyebrows Look Thicker - Step 5

To make your eyebrows look thicker naturally, try not to paint the ends excessively. Otherwise it might seem very artificial. Try, too, just to fill in the empty spaces and thus intensifying your look.


Another natural method to increase growth is to apply vaseline on your eyebrows a few times a day (morning and evening). Like oil, this will help moisturise eyebrows making them bushier and grow more.


Applying coconut oil once a day will help make the hair on your eyebrows grow better. Do it before bedtime and remember to wash your face in the morning to prevent your face looking greasy. Coconut oil can also help your eyebrows grow thicker. Take a look at how to grow thicker eyebrows with coconut oil for more information.

How to Make My Eyebrows Look Thicker - Step 8

Finally, we also recommend applying aloe vera gel to your eyebrows a few times a day. Aloe vera will reduce the sebum that blocks hair growth. Use only few drops since it is a sticky product.

How to Make My Eyebrows Look Thicker - Step 9

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How to Make My Eyebrows Look Thicker